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What are the eProduct limitations?


When using eProducts on your store, please be use following parameters to ensure proper functionality:

  • File Extension:
    • *.zip is the most recommended.
      You can designate and sell just about any file as an eProduct. However, the extension of the file may sometimes cause issues. Some browsers and anti-virus programs may flag certain file extensions as a "false positive" meaning that they will mark them as potentially bad for downloading. Therefore, it is a good practice to compress and provide your eproduct downloads in the form of a *.zip file. Most zipping/archive programs also allow you to password protect the zip files which can be useful for eProducts as well.
  • File Size:
    • no more than 32 megabytes
      If the eproduct file is housed/hosted from your Shift4Shop store, we recommend keeping it under 32 megabytes.
      However, if the eProduct itself must absolutely be larger than this, you can host the file on a different server - such as a content delivery network (CDN) - and provide the URL to the file as you create the eProduct.

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