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Can I set up multiple registration forms for different types of customers?


If you are using the Customer Groups function of the store, you have the option to allow registration to groups that you create. As an example, you can create a customer group for Wholesale pricing, and allow new customers to register for this group directly from your store's registration page.

Some merchants may also want to tailor the registration form for the additional groups in order to request and collect additional information from the customers as they register or to present the form in a slightly different manner than the regular registration form.

To do this, you would need to create an alternate version of the HTML template used on the reigstration form.

Here we will describe the basic steps needed to locate/download the original template file, save it in the proper format and utilize it on your store for the specific customer group's registration page.

The only thing we will not describe in this article is how to edit the HTML on the file. This is entirely up to you since you'll be editing it for your specific purposes. Please understand that technical support is neither qualified nor allowed to make HTML changes for you as it falls outside of the scope of support.

Download the Original HTML Template

The HTML template for the store's registration page is called "registration_0.html" and it can be downloaded from your site's common folder.

To do this:

  1. FTP to your Shift4Shop store's FTP server.
  2. Navigate via FTP to web/assets/templates/common-html

If your store is using a non-html5 theme, then please navigate to your FTP's web/assets/templates/common folder instead.

  1. Locate the file named registration_0.html and download it to your computer

You are now ready to make your edits to the file.

Editing the file

As mentioned, we will not describe editing the file since this is something best left to your discretion. As you're editing the file however, please avoid removing any of the existing registration fields since they are used by the store's software to properly create the customer records.

If you would like to add additional fields to the form, you have up to three additional fields that can be added to the form. Please click here for information on the additional fields available to you.

Saving the File

After you've made your changes to the file, do not save it with the same name as the original file. Instead, rename the file "registration_1.html" If you plan on having multiple registration forms for multiple customer groups, then please use the same numerical naming convention - i.e. registration_2.html, registration_3.html, etc.

Re-uploading the edited file

Now that the file is saved and ready for use, you will need to upload it (via FTP) to your store's theme folder.

To do this:

  1. FTP to your Shift4Shop store's FTP server.
  2. Navigate via FTP to web/assets/templates/[theme-folder]

In the above path, replace [theme-folder] with your store's actual theme folder name. For example, "justswell-html5"

  1. Upload the edited registration_x.html file to your theme folder.

Referencing the edited form

The final step is to set the customer group to use the newly edited regstration form. To do this:

  1. Log into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager
  2. Using the left hand navigaiton menu, go to Customers >Manage Groups
  3. Locate the group you'd like to change and click on the group's name.
  4. While viewing the group, make sure that the "Allow Registration" checkbox is marked.
  5. Then, look to the "Register Page" drop down menu and select the applicable template style that you'd like to use.*

The style number will correlate to the specific template file found in your theme folder. It's usually going to be one number higher than the number found in the registration template's filename. The following list will illustrate what we mean:

  • Style 1 = registration_0.html (default)
  • Style 2 = registration_1.html (if you named the file registration_1)
  • Style 3 = registration_2.html (if you named the file registration_2)
  • etc

Using your Registration Link

When creating a customer group, you are given the option of allowing registration to that group. When this option is used, you will be given a URL that is specific to the pricing group's registration form.

Simply view and edit the group you are working with, and copy its URL which will be located at the bottom of the page.

Additional Information:
It is important to note that the above instructions will only apply to the pricing group's individual registration form. This means that it will only appear when the registrant is directed to the specific group's registration page.

For the global registration form that allows registrants to select which group they are registering for, the default form will be displayed.

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