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Can I add additional fields to my Customer Registration Form?



When viewing a customer record, there are three additional fields that can be used to store specific customer information. Typically, this is information you (or your staff) enter after the account is created and you've had dealings with the customer. However, some merchants may want to collect that data during the customer's registration and have it saved to the customer record by default.

The code shown in this article can be added to your customer registration HTML template to ask for up to three pieces of information and have it automatically added to the customer record.

Please Note
The information in this article is provided solely as a courtesy and to offer basic instructions on making very simple changes to your store's HTML templates.

Please understand that - regardless of how simple the changes may be - HTML changes and troubleshooting fall outside the scope of our support department. The Shift4Shop support team is neither trained, qualified, nor allowed to make these changes for you. The boundary of our scope in this matter is limited to providing these instructions and helping you reset the template if the changes don’t work as you wanted.

If you are uncomfortable with making changes to your site’s HTML, please look into our Experts page. For a fee, one of our recommended Experts can make the necessary changes for you.

Thank you for your understanding

Log into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager and, using the left hand navigation menu:

  1. Go to Settings >Design >Themes & Styles

This will show you a listing of all the available templates for your store's installed theme.

  1. Look for a registration_0.html template in this list and click on its "Edit" button.

If you don't have registration_0.html listed in the theme folder, then you'll need to grab a copy from the common folder.

To do this, look towards the top and select "templates/common" from the "Go to folder:" drop down menu.

When the common folder list appears, look for the registration_0.html template and click on its "Edit" button.

You will be presented with the HTML coding for the main registration page template. Using your browser's search function (CTRL-F), look for the following code:

<!--START: req_shipping_lastname-->
<span class="required-indicator"></span>
<!--END: req_shipping_lastname-->
  1. Immediately after this code, add the following coding and save the template
<!-- additional_field1 -->
<div class="loginField col-xs-12">
<label for="" class="validation-field">
<input name="additional_field1" type="text" id="additional_field1" maxlength="20" size="25" tabindex="6" class="form-control txtBoxStyle" placeholder="Field 1 Question"/>
<!-- additional_field2 -->
<div class="loginField col-xs-12">
<label for="" class="validation-field">
<input name="additional_field2" type="text" id="additional_field2" maxlength="20" size="25" tabindex="6" class="form-control txtBoxStyle" placeholder="Field 2 Question"/>
<!-- additional_field3 -->
<div class="loginField col-xs-12">
<label for="" class="validation-field">
<input name="additional_field3" type="text" id="additional_field3" maxlength="20" size="25" tabindex="6" class="form-control txtBoxStyle" placeholder="Field 3 Question"/>

In the code above, be sure to edit Field 1 Question, Field 2 Question, and Field 3 Question to reflect the data you're looking to collect. For example, Question 1 can be Date of Birth, Question 2 can be Favorite color, etc.

Also, if you don't need a particular additional_field, simply omit it from the coding above.

Your new field should match the rest of the registration form and any information that the shopper enters upon registration will be written to the customer's record in the "Additional Field 1" portion of their cusotmer record.

You can make adjustments to the maxlength setting if you require more (or less) than 20 characters.

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