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How do I integrate my Store with WeFulfillIt?

Adding your WFF Credentials to the Store

To add your WFF credentials to your store, log into your 3dcart Online Store Manager and, using the left hand navigation menu:

  1. Go to Modules
  2. Locate the "Wefulfillit Service" module and click on its + Icon to expand the selection
  3. Then, click the "Settings" button
  4. Enter your WFF credentials as well as the Wefulfillit ID* that your will be used to "map" your store's current shipping options.
  5. Mark the "Enable" checkbox and click "Save" at the top right to complete!

The WFF Module itself will automatically display your active shipping methods within the settings page. You will need to specify the appropriate WFF IDs for each shipping method before Saving Changes. This action is needed in order to "Map" the shipping methods from your store to the appropriate methods set up on your WFF account.

Submitting Orders to WFF

If you specify a distributor in the WFF settings, then only orders from the specified distributor will be submitted. New orders are automatically submitted to WFF as these are received.

2-Way Synch with WFF

Additionally, you can enable the 2-way sync add-on to allow for inventory and order status communication from WFF back to your 3dcart store

  • Inventory: this will match products from your store based on the product SKU field, if a matching SKU is found in WFF the stock of the product or advanced option will be updated in your online store. The inventory updates hourly.
  • Order Status: this will check for any order that is not in the unpaid, shipped or cancelled status; and will request an order status update from WFF, when information is returned from WFF regarding tracking number and shipping date, the order will be automatically updated to the shipped status, assigning the tracking number and shipping date to it. Orders will multiple shipments will require all shipments to be shipped before changing the order status. The tracking updates runs hourly.

Note: if any errors are reported in the order status update process, these would be logged under the internal comments of the order. 

Special Note
Please be aware that some shipping carrier methods may contain special characters in their names such as the registered ® and copyright © symbols. These symbols have the tendency to interfere with some payment options like Checkout by Amazon which use page redirects and callbacks to complete the orders. We recommend removing the special symbols from your shipping methods by editing their individual caption fields in your online store manager.

From your Online Store Manager:

1. Go to Settings ->Shipping and click on the "Select Methods" button under "Shipping Methods"
2. Review your shipping methods and remove any special symbols from the caption fields by clicking on their respective "Settings" link and editing the caption field as needed.

Be sure to "Save" your edits before moving away from the page..

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