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Shift4Shop Support Policies


We're here 24/7 to Help

Shift4Shop wants to help your store become successful, and we've gathered a team of individuals on our support team specifically for this purpose. They're here - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - to guide you and do their best to answer any e-commerce question you may have as it relates to your Shift4Shop account.

We've also taken the time to create content-rich support articles and documents that help address many common issues and questions we receive from our community of Shift4Shop users. All of these can be accessed directly from our Support Portal.

Our goal is to help you make the best of your online business. Realistically however, there are limits on what Shift4Shop can and will offer assistance and support with.

This support policy is in place to help our merchants understand what we can and cannot support at the general support level. Our customer support representatives are available to assist you by email, live chat and phone; 24 hours a-day. However, to ensure proper expectations are met, we must ask you to become familiar with our support policy as soon as you create your account.

SaaS Hosting and Restrictions

Shift4Shop is considered a "Software as a Service" (SaaS) offering. While the type of service we offer comes with hosting capabilities, we are not able to provide certain services that may be considered "normal" on other hosting platforms. This is due to security restrictions and PCI compliance rules we must adhere to in order to provide a secure eCommerce environment.

As such, we maintain the right to provide limited access to basic web services such as FTP, DNS management, database access and web server security. Furthermore, the Shift4Shop service will not support the installation or use of PHP scripts on your Shift4Shop service.

Support Restrictions

Shift4Shop's support team is always available and willing to answer questions relating to the functionality of the Shift4Shop product and its user interface, settings, and other common instructional type questions.

While there are many areas we can offer full assistance with, please be aware of the following situations which might limit our ability to fully support your issues.

Domains and SSL

Our support team is able to assist you with questions and issues related to Shift4Shop domain registrations and SSL products provided through our services.

Domain registration and SSL products provided outside the realm of Shift4Shop services will need to be addressed by their individual service providers. Furthermore, integration and transfer of such services to Shift4Shop may incur additional fees in some cases.

Store Customizations

Your Shift4Shop store includes a wide variety of template themes which can be used to create a unique look for your business. If a customized design is what you're looking for, we have a great group of professional designers that would love to help you realize your vision.

On the other hand, you may elect to edit your designs on your own. Our platform is quite flexible and easy to use, allowing you to customize or even develop your own themes with just a basic understanding of HTML design and development. While individuals with a strong understanding of HTML and CSS development will find that our service is highly customizable and able to suit their needs.

However, please understand that our general support personnel will only be able to provide support that is focused on the Shift4Shop platform itself. Under no circumstance will our support agents ever provide professional or value added services such as web design, development or consultation. As such, the Shift4Shop support team is neither authorized nor trained to provide any type of support for customizations made to your store's HTML and/or CSS coding if it varies at all from the default Shift4Shop templates. Furthermore, customizations using JavaScript cannot and will not be supported by the Shift4Shop support team at all.

E-Commerce Techniques and Best Practices
Our technical support team cannot provide any extensive advice or consulting on e-commerce best practices but, as a company, we will - whenever possible - post articles related to such topics on our Shift4Shop blog. We also provide professional consulting services to assist with specific optimization needs. Click here for complete details.

Connectivity Support

Shift4Shop's support team will be able to assist you with basic connectivity issues related to common hosting features like FTP and email account connections.

Support will also assist with basic connectivity issues related to Shift4Shop's API services as well as connecting to any of the 3rd party services Shift4Shop has partnered with over the years.

However, please keep in mind that the scope of our support in these areas is strictly limited to the connectivity of these functions and not the actual use, implementation or configuration of these services.

In addition, Shift4Shop is NOT able to support any third-party software which we do not directly integrate with.

Software Issues

If you have an issue specifically related to the functionality of the Shift4Shop platform - especially issues that appear to be caused by a possible programming malfunction - please contact us as soon as possible by submitting a trouble ticket, opening a support chat, or otherwise placing a call to our support line.

Posting about such issues in the Shift4Shop forums or social media networks will not allow us to properly address and correct the issues or concerns. Please help us in addressing your concerns by submitting them through the proper channels of our support services.

Using Our Community Forum

While we're on the topic of forums, Shift4Shop provides a user forum as a courtesy to our active merchants so they can exchange ideas and information about Shift4Shop and their individual online business experiences. It's our desire that every client has a positive experience within the forum. Therefore, we ask that you follow some general guidelines and rules when using our community forum.

Please ensure:

  • That your postings are relevant, on topic and productive
  • That you show courtesy and respect to other posters and forum members
  • That you also extend the same courtesy to Shift4Shop personnel within the forum

We will not tolerate:

  • Inflammatory or objectionable postings meant to harass
  • Postings deemed as abusive to other posters
  • Spam or postings that advertize products or services not affiliated with Shift4Shop.

We also reserve the right to amend or remove postings that are deemed inappropriate as well as exercise our right to remove or limit individual users and their ability to post without notification.

In closing
Thank you for familiarizing yourself with our support policies. As stated, we will do our best to address and correct any issue you may have - as long as it falls within the scope of support established in this document.

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