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How do I use the Top Sellers module?


You can use the Top Sellers module to list your store's top selling items along your store's side banner. To enable Top Sellers:

  1. Log into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager
  2. Using the left hand navigation menu, go to Modules
  3. Use the top search bar to search for "Top Sellers" to pull up the module

You will have the following options:

  • Enable Top Sellers
    Mark this checkbox to enable to module
  • Number of Top Sellers
    Specify the number of top sellers that are shown on the pages (default is 3)
  • Days of Top Sellers History
    Specify the number of days that are will considered for top seller history.
    The feature will use your selling history within this time frame to display the most popular items (default is 3)
  • Display Category Specific Top Sellers
    Mark this checkbox if you would like for top sellers to be shown for each specific category as they are being viewed.
  • Display Top Seller TAG
    Marking this checkbox will add a tag to products to indicate it is a top seller on the front end of your store. It will display as a label on the product itself.
  • Main Tag Background Color
    This field allows for you to specify a hex code for a background color for the Top Seller Tag
  • Main Tag Text Color
    This field allows for you to specify a hex code for the text color for the Top Seller Tag

Specify your desired settings and click "Save" at the top right to commit your changes.

How are the products shown as top sellers defined?

Aside from the settings described above, the top sellers feature will also use the following parameters to define which items will be shown.

  • Number of units sold for the item
    (whether in multiple orders, or one BIG order; the number of units sold is considered)
  • Items that are not marked as hidden
  • Items that are not marked as "non-searchable"

Quantity on hand does not affect the Top Sellers, so products that have sold out completely could potentially be listed as top sellers.

Can I mark products as top sellers manually?

Beginning in version 12.1.1, merchants will have the ability to manually mark products as top sellers. To do so:

  1. Go to Products > Product List
  2. Find the product that you'd like to mark as a Top Seller, and click on its name
    Or look to the far right of the item and click on its "Action >Edit" button
  3. Click on the product's "Advanced" tab
  4. Look for the "Include as a Top Seller" dropdown
  5. Change it to Yes
  6. Click on Save in the top right

Note You can also exclude products from the top sellers using this same field. Simply change the "Include as a Top Seller" setting to No instead of Yes.

For a fully detailed explanation on each of the options found in this "Include as a Top Seller" setting, please see below. Each description assumes you have the Display Top Seller Tag setting on the module enabled:

  • Default
    The product will display (or not display) on the list as they do currently. Additionally, if the product is a “Top Seller” - it will be tagged on the pages that it is displayed.
  • Yes
    This item will be tagged as a “Top Seller” wherever it is displayed and if this item is not already a Top Seller, it will be added to the Top, moving other items down the list. If its on the list already, it will remain.
  • No
    This item will not be tagged as a “Top Seller” wherever it's displayed and if this item is on the list, it will be removed.

If there are more items manually flagged as Top Seller than the number allowed to display, the Top Ranked will remain at the top of the list.

Likewise, if there are fewer items manually tagged as Top Seller then the number allowed to display the next Top Seller item not displayed will be added to the list.

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