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How Do I Add or Edit My Customers?


Your Shift4Shop interface also allows you to keep an active log of your customer base. This can be useful for maintaining working relationships with your customers, tracking their purchase histories, and basic management of your customers and their details.

Managing Customers

Whenever a customer purchases something from your store, they are required to enter their billing and shipping information. They also enter their email information to receive the various order notifications that are generated by the cart. When this occurs, a profile is automatically created for them in your store. After their initial purchase, returning customers can simply log into their account with your store by using the email address they signed in with originally, and have all their billing/shipping information saved for them.

To view your Customer records, log into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager and

  1. Go to Customers >Customer List
  2. If you have a large amount of customers, you can narrow the list or find a specific customer by clicking the "Advanced" button at the top right of the page to search by name, group and whether or not the customer is enabled.
  3. Once you have found the customer you want to manage, click on the customer's name or look to the far right and click on their ""Action >Edit" button to view their details.

Once you click on the customer's profile, you will see the customer's listing and a series of navigation tabs, similar to the product listing area. These tabs are as follows:

  • Information
    Your customer's main information area. Here you can review and edit their contact, email, billing and shipping information. You can also specify if the customer belongs to a certain Customer Group, and other details that might be pertinent to the specific customer. You can also use the "Login to Account" button located along the top right to log in directly to the customer's account on your live store to review how the store behaves for them specifically and help troubleshoot any issues they may report.
  • Orders
    This tab will give you a list of the customer's complete order history including order status and links to the actual orders within your cart.
  • Products
    Similar to the Orders Tab, this tab will show you the customer's complete history of purchased items.
  • CRM
    If you have the built-in Shift4Shop Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) enabled, all your customer's contact tickets will be contained in the CRM tab. This area will show the specific customer's tickets, responses and interactions.
  • Reviews
    If the specific customer has left any product reviews within your store, they will be listed under this tab of the customer's profile.
  • Waiting List
    If the customer has placed themselves on a waiting list for a particular product that is out of stock, you can review their request in this tab.
  • Stats
    This tab will show statistical information about the customer's purchase history and trends.
  • Affiliate
    If your customer is also an affiliate, you can review their order and payout history here
  • Rewards
    Use this tab to review your customer's rewards points history. You can also add rewards points manually if desired.

When viewing and editing customers, you can also manually add customers to your store. To do this, go to Customers >Customer List and click on the "+Add New" buttonfound along the top right of the page. Then, enter your customer's billing/shipping and contact information and click "Save" (at the top right) to add their profile.

For more in-depth information on creating and managing your customers, please review our online tutorial available by clicking here.

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