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How do I export my Orders?

3dcart allows you to export your order history in CSV format. This ability can be useful when you need to import your order history into specific accounting software, or if you need to review your order history for a particular date.



To export your order history:

  1. Go to Orders =>Manage Orders
  2. Look towards the top right of the page and click on the "Export/Import" button
  3. Click on the + symbol next to "Orders"
  4. Select your export filtering parameters as needed.

Additional Information:
You will have the option of filtering the order export by Distributors, Date Ranges, and Statuses. You can also use the "Include Order Items" checkbox to list ordered items along with their respective orders.

Lastly, you can also create a custom export set that includes only the parameters that you need.

After selecting your export parameters, click on the "Export Data" link to generate the CSV file which can then be saved to your computer and used as needed.

Background Process
When you click on the export data button, the store will schedule the export request and process it for you in the background. This is done so that the exporting and creation of the file does not take away from your store's resources and potentially slow the site down - especially when the CSV file is set to contain a large amount of data.

During the export process, you can mark the "Notify me when done" checkbox to have the store email you when the file is ready. Just enter your email into the provided field and continue with the rest of your work while the store processes the export for you.

Finally, when you click on the "View Status" button located at the top right of the export data page, you can review the status of your current and previous exports as needed. By clicking the action wheel listed with each listed export, you'll be able to perform the following actions.

  • Download
    Download the CSV file after it has completed
  • Cancel
    Cancel the CSV file export if it is still in the processing stage
  • Retry
    Re-attempt the export if it has failed (or was canceled) for any reason
  • Delete
    Delete the export log if it no longer needed

If/When you elect to have the store email you a notification upon completion of the file, the email itself will contain a direct dowload link to the file.

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