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How Do I Use the Store Language Section?


The Store Language section allows you to change many of the various generic labels and text found throughout your online store. This includes:

  • Remove the Powered by Shift4Shop tag on your store's footer.
  • Change the default "Free Shipping" label
  • List your product features with individual tags instead of "Feature 1, Feature 2:" etc
  • Much much more.

To access the section:

  1. Go to Settings >Design >Themes & Styles
  2. Once there, scroll to the bottom, and select the "Store Language" button.

This page will display the Areas/Sections, Labels and Texts used on the store elements. The search bar at the top can be used to locate label and texts on the store. For example, if you'd like to change the "Add to Cart" button to say "Add to Basket" instead, search for "Add to Cart" and change the text areas that appear.

Remember to click save at the top right and clear the store's cache to commit your changes and view them on the store.


The store language section can also be used if you are looking to change your store from it's default English to another language. Click here for more information.

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