What are the "Open Graph Meta Tags" used for?


Open Graph Meta Tags are special properties that are added to each of your product listing pages which will control specifically how your products are displayed on Facebook when someone uses either the Facebook "Like" or "Send" buttons.

Where can I view or edit the Open Graph Tags?

There are actually three separate areas you can go to in order to view or edit the Open Graph Meta Tags

  • Section 1
    By far the easiest location is seen by going to "Marketing >Like Button" in your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager.
    Directly beneath the Facebook Like code area, you'll see the Open Graph Meta Tags that are added to your product listings.
  • Section 2:
    The second location where these meta tags can be controlled is through your store's "SEO Tools " page.
    To get there, you would go to Marketing ->SEO Tools. The open Graph Meta Tags will be listed at the bottom of the page.
  • Section 3:
    A third area where you can see your Open Graph Meta tags is the store's "Store Language" section.
    To get there, you would go to "Settings >Design >Store Language" and search for the phrase "opengraph"

Regardless of which section you go to, any saved changes in one will apply to the others, meaning that if you edit one, your changes will apply to all of them.

Can I see what Facebook will Display on the OG Meta Tags?

As mentioned above, the Open Graph Meta Tags will determine what information is sent from your store to Facebook. However, there may be times when the information your store is sending is not what's being displayed on Facebook.

This may be due to caching either on Facebook or your browser, or other reasons.

Fortunately, Facebook provides a tool that lets you see exactly what the OG information being received is.

Simply Log into your Facebook account and

  1. Go to
  2. Once there, Enter the URL of the page that you'd like to see Open Graph Information for.

The Debug Tool will then show all of the Open Graph Meta Tag that is being translated for the page.

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