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Kount Fraud Protection


Merchants on the Shift4Shop End-to-End Ecommerce Plan now have access to a new Fraud Prevention tool provided through Kount; which offers industry-leading protection for the entire customer journey – from account creation and login, to payments and disputes.

The protection provided through Kount helps you reduce chargebacks, manual reviews, and false positives to increase your store's overall approval rates and revenue. And as an End-to-End Ecommerce Plan Merchant, Kount is included for free!

Here's how it works:

As the order is placed on the store, Kount starts collecting and analyzing various data points on the order to accurately predict the risk attributed to the order. Then, the information is compiled into what's referred to as an "Omniscore" which you can review right from the Shift4Shop interface.

This Omniscore rating is something you can then use to decide if you'd like to complete the order and fulfill it; or perhaps if you'd like to review or even cancel it to avoid fraud chargebacks and complications.

Additional Information
Omniscores are made up of points of historical risk data attributed to groups of transactional instances; for specific situations. For example, the country of origin or the type of networks used in the collected transactions. These groups of transactional attributes are called "Personas," and each has specific weights of risk that are used to provide a score for each.

These persona scores are then further calculated to provide an overall risk calculation for a new transaction. And this calculated score is called an "Omniscore."

The following is a quick glance of the Omniscore Rating used by Kount on your incoming orders:

For more information on Omniscores and Personas, please review the following articles on Kount:

It is also important to note that orders which score in the very low range will trigger certain rules that will automatically decline and move orders to unpaid status due to their high probability of fraud.

Viewing the Order Omniscore

To view the Kount Omniscore on your incoming orders:

  1. Log into your Online Store Manager
  2. Using the left hand navigation menu go to Orders >Manage Orders

Along the top right hand corner of the order, you'll see the following window showing you the order's Omniscore and risk potential:

Clicking on the "View Full Fraud Analysis" link will then open up a popup window showing you the Kount Transaction Results which outline the various reasons for the overall Omniscore, as well as the number of rules triggered by the order.

Although the Kount Fraud Protection offering is free for Shift4Shop End-to-End plan accounts, merchants on other Shift4Shop plans can integrate their own Kount account credentials onto their shop using the Kount Connector available here.

Declined Transactions

The Kount Fraud Protection will automatically decline transactions when they meet certain criteria which indicate a high probability of fraud. The parameters considered for this action include the following:

  • Email address that is new to the Kount database (0 days old)
  • The distance from billing device (the shopper's laptop, cell phone, etc) address is more than 1000km from their billing address.
    (Note, the device address data is derived from Kount's Device Intelligence functions.)
  • Persona Scores greater than 99
  • Omniscore below 5
  • Transaction and Persona data originating from high risk countries:

Specific combinations of these parameters will then result in the transactions being declined outright.

Due to the specific combination of rules we employ for the Kount fraud protection tool, only a small percentage of transactions should be automatically declined.

Reviewing Declined Transactions

As mentioned previously, you can review the Kount Transaction Results (including decline reasons) by clicking on the Fraud Analysis link in your Online Store Manager. (Please see the "Viewing the Order Omniscore" portion of this article.

If you receive a declined transaction, and have any questions or concerns regarding it, you can submit a review request for it from your Shift4 Payments transactions report. This report is available by going to Reports >Shift4 Payments and clicking on the "Transactions" link.

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