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How do I view my Shift4 Payments Reports?


If you are using Shift4 Payments with your Shift4Shop, you will also have access to several reports for your payment and transaction details

To get to your Shift4 Payment reports, take the following steps:

  1. Log into your Shift4Shop Store Manager
  2. Using the left hand navigation menu, go to Reports >Shift4 Payments

You will see the following links:

At the top right of each report, you will see the following buttons:

  • Back: This button will take you back to the previous page where the links (shown above) are located
  • Print: This button will let you print the report
  • Export: This button will export the displayed data into a CSV file
  • Update: This button will let you refresh the displayed report if new data has been collected or if you change the date views

Each report will also have a portion at the top that allows you to set the range of dates for the report details

You can use these filters to select either Date Presets (Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, etc), or set a specific Date Range as needed.

In the next sections, we'll illustrate each report. Click on a link below to review the specific report's functions.

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This report will display the payment transactions for the given time frame.

This particular report was updated on Shift4Shop version 11.1.11. The update introduced the inclusion of the order IDs from your store, as well as the Kount Fraud score for each transaction. As such, this report will only show data from the date your store was upgraded to v11.1.11 and onward. For most users, the upgrade took place on or around June 23rd, 2021.

To view Shift4 Payments transactions that may have taken place on your Shift4Shop prior to your store receiving the update, please view the Batch Summary and Processing Detail reports. These will contain all of your historical transaction data.

New transactions may take up to 10 minutes to appear in the report.

Transaction Types

The report will display the status of the transaction under the "Transaction Type" column

The transaction types will display the following:

  • SALE: The transaction was completed successfully
  • VOID: The transaction was not completed successfully or was otherwise voided by the merchant
  • FRAUD REJECTED: The transaction was rejected outright by the Kount Fraud protection measures

Additionally, if your Shift4 Payment method is set to Authorize Only, you will also see Authorize and Capture transaction types listed in this column.

Along with the date range and preset functions, this report will also allow you to filter the view based on transaction type and card type

Fraud Score

On the far right of the table, this report will also show you the transaction's overall Fraud Score provided by Kount.


The Invoice Column will also allow you to click on a specific invoice to also review its fraud score and current status.

While the transaction report will display the order's Kount score and status, it does not give you full details as to why the transaction was scored a particular way.

This information can be seen by going to Orders >Manage Orders where you can locate the order to review its full Kount Fraud Analysis score in more detail.

Request Review

If the transaction was marked as FRAUD REJECTED by the Kount fraud protection measures, you will see a link at the top right of the popup window allowing you to request a review of the transaction.

This option can be used by you (once per transaction) if you feel the transaction was rejected incorrectly. The request will be submitted directly to our risk analysis team for review. Please allow time for them to research and review your request.

Batch Summary
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The Batch Summary report will display batches that were processed during the selected time frame. This includes the batch totals as well as a breakdown of the totals by card type

Clicking on an individual Batch ID will display the Batch Details

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The Deposit report will show deposits that were submitted to your bank account within the specified time frame. This will show the reference number, amount, batch date, and deposit date.

Processing Details
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The Processing Details report will show a list of both your batches and deposits for the specified time frame.

Clicking the arrow next to an individual batch date will generate another table that shows a list of the transactions

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The Chargebacks report will display details of your chargebacks for the set time frame. This will show the dates posted and Case numbers for your review.

Monthly Statements
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The last report, Monthly Statements, will show you your statements for each month. You can select a month, then select View Statement at the top right.

This will open a new screen and generate a PDF of your statement. The statement will contain your activity summary for the month, as well as deposit details.

Click here for a video introduction to the Shift4 Payments reports dashboard

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