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Cloudflare SSL FAQs


Here are some answers to common questions for those who have purchased a Cloudflare Dedicated DV SSL certificate for their Shift4Shop Store.

    • Q: How can I verify that the SSL Certificate has been installed?
      A: You can see this in your web browser by clicking on the lock icon in the address bar.
      Then click certificate details to view the details.


    • Q: How can my visitors know I have an SSL?
      A: In the same way, when they visit a secure website the browser's address bar will show the lock icon.


    • Q: Is there are seal to show that I have an SSL on my website?
      A: While there is no seal from Cloudflare, Shift4Shop provides security seals you can add to your site for free by clicking here. (Scroll down to "Free Website Security Seals")


    • Q: Why is my store not showing https after installing the SSL?
      A: You may need to update your STORE URL to use the new https version of your site. You can check this by going to Settings >General >Store Settings in your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager and clicking on the "Manage Domain & Store URL" button. If the Store URL is set to "http://" instead of "https://" please contact support so we may make the change for you. (Please be sure your Cloudflare SSL certificate has already been installed.)


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