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How Do I Get My Additional Scripts Whitelisted?


If you have added 3rd party scripts to your Shift4Shop store, you may see the following error in your browser's console during checkout:

Refused to load the script '[script-name]' because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive:...

The console message appears due to Shift4Shop's Content Security Policy (CSP) which is enforced on your store's checkout pages. It doesn't prevent your store's checkout process at all; it merely prevents the added script from running during checkout.

If the added script is something you absolutely need to run on the store during checkout (i.e. sale/conversion tracking scripts), you will need to have the script whitelisted by Shift4Shop to have it run uninterrupted.

To whitelist your script, please submit a support ticket with your request and details of the script for consideration.

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