How do I use the Checkout Additional Fees Add-on?


Shift4Shop's Checkout Additional Fees Add-on (Available on Pro Plan and Higher; including the Free End-to-End eCommerce Plan) allows you to offer additional fees to customers to increase the order value at the time of checkout. This would be a great way to to offer your customer the chance to pay extra in order to get special considerations for their orders. For example, rush priority, special packaging, additional services, etc.

Once you have purchased the add-on (and received confirmation that it has been installed to your store), follow these steps to create the additional checkout fees for your store.

Enabling the Module

  1. Log into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager
  2. Using the left hand navigation menu, click on Modules
  3. In the Modules page, use the search bar at the top to locate the "Checkout Additional Fees" module
  4. Mark the "Enable" checkbox to turn on the module
  5. Then, click "Save" at the top right of the page to turn on the module.

After saving, you'll see a confirmation popup telling you change is made. The module will still appear on the page so you can configure the settings.

Adding Additional Checkout Fees

  1. Click on the "Settings" button
  2. Next, click on the "Add a Checkout Fee" button at the top right

You will have the following settings to configure for your checkout fee.

  • Selection Type
    Use this to select how the Checkout fee Options are selected by the shopper. Your choices dropdown menu or radio button
  • Customer Group
    Here you can specify the customer pricing group the additional checkout fees will be displayed for. Your choices are All customer groups, None (regular incoming retail customers), Phone Orders, or a select a specific group that is set up in the store.
  • Required
    Mark this checkbox if you'd like to make the option selection a requirement.

The required checkbox does not necessarily mean that the customer is forced to pay additional fees. The intent is that they will be required to make a selection of the available choices they're presented with.

In other words, the checkout fee may have an option for "Yes" that adds a charge, and an option for "No" that doesn't incur extra fees. If the "required" checkbox is marked, they'll be required to pick one or the other. By marking the "Required" checkbox, you're simply not letting them opt out of making a selection.

  • Values in Percentage
    Use this checkbox to set calculate the fees based on a percentage of the shopper's order value. If you leave this box unchecked, the fees will be added as dollar amounts. (See Options section below for more details)
  • Description
    This is where you'll specify the description or title of the Checkout Fee. For example "Choose Production Timeframe"
  • Sorting
    This field will let you set the sorting value number for the Checkout Fee as it appears on the checkout page. The higher the number, the farther on the list it will appear.


The options section is where you'll create the actual selections your shoppers can choose when applying the checkout fees. To continue our steps from before:

  1. Click on the "+Add Option" button
  2. In the Name section, add the name/title of the option selection. For example: "VIP Timeframe: 3 to 5 business days"
  3. In the price field, add the cost for this selection.

If you marked the "Values in Percentage" checkbox earlier, whatever number you put in the Price field will calculate the fee as a percentage of the shopper's current order. If the checkbox is left empty, the value you specify in Price will be added to the customer's total as an additional amount.

  1. In the Description section, describe the specifics of the option.
  2. Once ready, click 'Save" to save the option
  3. Repeat for each additional option necessary.

Based on your settings, when the shopper reaches their checkout page, they will see the Additional Fee options displayed for them. When they select an additional checkout fee, the amount is then added to their order total in the "Additional Options" section of their order summary.

Additional Information
As the store owner, when you process the orders, the selected Additional Checkout Fees will be listed as line items on the invoice for easy reference.

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