How do I use the Order Quotes module?

Merchants on 3dcart Pro (and higher) plans can place phone orders for customers at a temporary quoted price. The customer will then receive an email notification of the quoted order that they can use to complete the order at the quoted amount.

Here's how to set it up.

  1. Log into your 3dcart Online Store Manager
  2. Using the left hand navigation menu, go to Modules
  3. Once at the Modules page, use the search bar at the top to search for "Order Quotes"
  4. When the module appears, click on the "Settings" button

A small popup modal will appear with the module's basic options and settings. These are the following:

  • Allow customer to request a quote
    This option allows for the order quote to be requested/placed by the customers on the store front.
    (See bottom half of this article)
  • Lock users at checkout
    This checkbox will lock the user's customer record to the quoted order. This means that the customer will not be able to do anything other than view/finish the order on your store when they log into your store. It effectively locks them to the order until the order is completed by the user (or the quote expires). To use this optional setting, simply place a mark in the checkbox provided.

Be aware that users locked at checkout for an order quote will see a single page checkout. Even if the store uses multi-step checkout, the single page will be seen for users locked on the quote.

  • Lock Order
    This option locks the order so that it cannot be changed by the customer in any way that would affect the overall quoted price.
    (i.e. changing shipping, adding items, etc)
    Note that this option will also mark the "Lock users at checkout" option mentioned above.
  • Days to Expiration
    Use this field to set the number of days until the quoted price expires. After this time period passes, the quoted order will go into store's canceled order status.

After you finish configuring these basic options, click "Save" on the popup modal. After the module saves, you'll once again see the "Order Quotes" module from step #3 above.

  1. Mark the "Enabled" checkbox and click "Save" at the top right of the modules page.

The Order Quotes plugin is now ready to use.

Additional Information
Enabling the Order Quotes module adds the following to your store:

  • A New Offline Payment Method
    An offline payment method called "Quote" is added to your store. This payment method is automatically set to only work on Phone Orders.
  • A New Order Status
    Additionally, a new order status called "Quote" is added to the store's Manage Orders page. This status will contain all open quote orders.
  • A New Quote Email Template
    Lastly, a new Quotes orders email template is also made available to you. It's default text is the same as the text for the Not Completed/Abandoned Orders email template. You may edit this text by going to Settings >Design >Emails and editing the "Quote" template found under the Orders section.

Creating a Quote Order

The Order Quote system is first started by placing a Phone Order.

The regular phone order system has a "Custom Shipping" option on it. Please note that this method is only compatible with Phone Orders that are being placed and completed within the 3dcat Online Store Manager. It is not compatible with the Order Quotes module and cannot be used for that type of order.

When you get to the payment selection part of the phone order, use the "Quote" payment method and complete the order.

This creates an order complete with its own invoice number. However, it's not a fully completed order. Rather it is placed into the store's "Quote" order status and has a remaining balance on it.

At this point, the customer/shopper will receive the quote order email that will let them complete the order. When they click on the button in the email, they'll be prompted to log into their customer record to complete the order at the quoted price. (If you opted to lock the user to the order, viewing/finishing the order is all they'll be able to do.)

Additional Information
Note that the customer will be prompted to log into their account if you selected an existing customer record when creating the phone order. However, when creating the phone order/quote for a brand new customer, all you would need to create the phone order is the customer's email address (no password).

If this is the case, the customer will not be prompted to log in. Instead, they'll be taken to the checkout where they'll finish the checkout process by adding their address information, password, etc.

When the order is completed by the user, it will then move to your store's New status for processing. If the Quote Order's exceeds the expiration time, the order will pass into the Canceled status instead.

As merchant, you will also have the ability to duplicate the quoted order(s) as needed. Just remember to change the Customer record in case the duplicate is for a new customer.

Please be aware that orders in the Quote order status will not be reflected in your store's monetary Sales reporting data. Once the order is placed and completed by the user and - as a result of being in the New status - the order's value will be reflected in sales reporting.

Allow Customer To Request A Quote

If using the "Allow customer to request a quote" setting on the module, the store will allow your shopper to place the order quote request from your store front.

Essentially, it will take the Order Quote payment method (which is created when the module is turned on), and switch its customer group availability from "Phone Orders" to "All." This then allows the shopper to see the "Quote" payment method during checkout.

As with the Merchant Generated Quote from a phone order, the order (when submitted) will reside in the store's Quote status. From there you can edit the order to change product unit price(s) to customize the order totals. Then, when the customer completes the order, they will see the newly quoted price based on edited unit prices.

This will let you change the unit prices on the order to have them shown on the custom facing side when they complete the order. However, if you change shipping costs or add discounts to the order, these will not reflect on the customer facing order.

To use this method, be sure that you have the "Lock Order" setting marked in the module settings.

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