What does the site’s search bar look for?


The search function on the website not only can search for terms in in the Product Name, Product Description, and Keywords fields, but can also be customized to search for terms and keywords in additional fields. You can set the ability for customers to search for content in category pages, extra pages, and custom fields you set for your products.

Customize Advanced Search Options

Log into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manger

  1. Using the left-hand navigation, go to Modules
  2. Look for and click on the "Store Search" section
  3. Mark the check box labeled "Use Advanced Search" to expand the advanced search options.
  4. Choose the fields you would like your search terms applicable to.

Below is a brief description outlining each option's functionality

  • Hide Search:
    Hides the search field completely from the customer view on your website
  • Categories Search:
    Allow for content in on category pages to be searchable.
  • Pages Search:
    Allow for content on extra pages to be searchable.
  • Product ID:
    Allow the Product ID/Sku number to be searchable.
    (Note: this does not include option IDs)
  • Product MFGID:
    Allow for the manufacturer ID of products to be searchable.
  • Product Name:
    Allow for Product Names to be searchable.
  • Extended Description:
    Allow for terms in the extended description for products to be searchable.
  • Product Keywords:
    Allow for keyword terms in products to be searchable.
  • Product Description:
    Allow for terms in the short description of products to be searchable.
  • Product Extra Field 1 - 13:
    Allow for terms in custom fields you create for products to be searchable.

To set your product's custom fields, go to your individual products in the Online Store Manager and scroll down to "Custom Fields" in the main information tab.
(You may need to click "Show/Hide" to expand this view.)

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