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How Do I Move Orders to Another Status Without Sending an Email?


Typically, when an order is moved from one status to the other, an automated email will be sent to the shopper notifying them of the status change. However, there may be certain times when you need to move orders one status to another without the store sending the automated email to the customers. For example, let's say you're performing some general housekeeping on your store and you'd like to move last year's orders from "Shipped" status to a different status simply for record keeping or re-organization. The following steps will illustrate how to move an order to a different status without the automated email being sent.

Single Order at a Time

If you need a single order to a different status without sending an email:

  1. Log into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager
  2. Using the left hand navigation menu go to Orders >Manage Orders
  3. Go to the tab of the order status the order is in
  4. Then click on the order number to open it

At the top of the order, you will a drop down menu showing the current status of the order. Next, you'll see a checkbox labeled "Notify" to the right of the Status menu.

  1. Set the status of the order to whatever status you'd like to send it to.
  2. Make sure the Notify checkbox in NOT marked
  3. Click on the "Save" button at the top right.

The order will be moved to the new status, and the automated email will not be sent.

Bulk Orders

If you need to move orders in bulk, the process will be slightly different. First, you will need to set the store so that it does not send order notifications at all.

While logged into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager:

  1. Go to Settings >General >Store Settings
  2. Once there, click on the "Checkout" tab
  3. On the "Checkout" tab, scroll down to the "Order Notification" section

You will see a series of checkboxes at the bottom for each of your store's order statuses. These checkboxes control whether the store will send an email notification when the order is moved to the checkbox's respective status through the store's built-in automation like automation rules, batch actions, automatic order processing, etc. To continue:

  1. Unmark the status that you will be moving orders to in bulk.
  2. Proceed to the next section

Now you will move the orders in bulk to the status you've selected. While still logged into the Online Store Manager:

  1. Using the left hand navigation menu go to Orders >Manage Orders
  2. Go to the tab of the order status the orders are in
  3. Mark the checkbox at the top left (next to Date/Time) to select all of the orders on the page.

Use the Batch Action menu at the bottom to move the orders to your selected status.

  1. Click Apply to complete the batch action.

Repeat as necessary to get all of the orders in the status. The store will move the orders for you and - since the order notification checkbox is unmarked in the previous steps, no emails will be sent.

Once you are finished with the process, be sure to go to the order notification section again to re-mark that checkbox if desired.

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