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Houzz Integration: What does "Error Code: 25001 | Error Message: No Listing Found" mean?


Merchants using Shift4Shop's Houzz Integration may have noticed the following message in their synchronization log:

Error Code: 25001 | Error Message: No Listing Found

The wording of the message implies that the listing cannot be found and has lead some to mistakenly assume that there's a problem with the product's synchonrization. In actuality, this message is a normal part of the synchronization script.

When the syncronization script attempts to synchronize a product to your Houzz account, it will first check to see if the product already exists in your Houzz listings. It does this to determine if the product is to be added or merely updated.

Therefore, when adding new product listings to your Houzz account, you will see the above message indicating that the synchronization script checked to see if the product exists and - since it doesn't - the product will be added as new.

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