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How do I use FedEx's Hold at Location (HAL) service?


Shift4Shop Merchants can offer their shoppers the ability to have their orders shipped with FedEx's Hold at Location service. This is a service where - instead of shipping to the shopper's home address - the package will be delivered to a nearby FedEx Delivery location. This offers the shopper the convenience of knowing their shipment is being held for them at a secure location instead of sitting on their porch until they get home.

To enable this feature, you will need to have the following:

  • A Shift4Shop Store
    It needs to be on a Plus Store or higher
  • A Core Theme
    Your store's design theme must be Core.
  • FedEx Shipping Calculation
    Your store must be set up with FedEx real time shipping calculation.

Once you have met all of the above requirements, take the following steps to set up the HAL service.

  1. Log into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager
  2. Using the left hand navigation menu, go to Settings >Shipping
  3. On the Shipping Page, click on "Edit Settings" in the "Shipping Settings" section.

Once the page loads, click on the "Hide/Show +" icon for "Real-time Shipping Settings.

  1. Locate the FedEx Module and click on its "Show Credentials" link

This article assumes that you already have FedEx Real-Time Shipping enabled on your store. Therefore, the link shown above will say "Show Credentials" in the screen shown above. However, if you have not set up FedEx yet, the link will read "Enter Credentials" instead. If this is the case, please set up your FedEx integration first by clicking here.

  1. While reviewing your FedEx Credentials, place a mark in the checkbox labeled "Enable Hold at Location"
  2. Click "Save" to complete the set up

How it looks at Checkout

When your shopper proceeds to checkout (single or multi-page), they will see a checkbox labeled "Ship to Fedex Location"

Upon selecting this option, a popup modal will appear asking the shopper to enter their ZIP code and radius of distance to check for locations

When they click on "Search Locations" the modal will display applicable locations.

The shopper can now select the desired locaiton and that address will be used as the shipping address for their order.

In your store's settings (Settings >General >Store Settings | Checkout Tab) there is a checkbox setting labeled "Billing/Shipping must match." This setting is used when you want the customer's billing and shipping addresses to be the same.

For obvious reasons, you cannot have this setting on and offer FedEx HAL at the same time, so please make sure it is turned off.

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