What Schema/Structured Data is implemented on my listing pages?


Google Search Console might report issues detected on your product pages, it's important to understand the nature of these in order to take action to resolve them.

The following is a list of the Structured Data that is present on the Core Themes's default listing pages and where the data is retrieved from your product information.

Basic Product Information

These first attributes will correspond to various areas of your product settings page.

  • mpn: This will insert the information in the product's MPN field
  • image: This will automatically insert your product's image path for image 1
  • name: This will denote the product's name.
  • description: This will be used to denote the product's short description as well as its extended description
  • sku: This will insert the product's ID/SKU info
  • brand
    • name: For the brand attribute, this will insert the product's assigned Manufacturer record
      (Note: if no manufacturer record exists, you mat get warnings when performing structured data testing)

Product Offer and Pricing

This next set of attributes will correspond to the product's pricing and availability

  • offers
    • itemCondition: This will be hard coded to always insert as "http://schema.org/NewCondition"
    • availability:This will always show as "http://schema.org/InStock" unless the product is out of inventory AND it is marked as Out of Stock in your store.
    • priceCurrency: This will refelct the currency code used in your store via Settings >General >Store Settings
    • url: This will insert the URL to the product.
    • priceValidUntil: This will always display as 2050-12-31
    • price: This will show your product's listed price
      (Note: if the item is marked as on sale, it will show the same price.)

Product Reviews & Ratings

These next attributes will be used for the product's review data.

  • aggregateRating
    • reviewCount: This will denote the number of reviews on the product
      (Note: if no reviews are present on the product, you may get warnings when performing structured data testing)
    • ratingValue: This will insert the average rating of the product
    • worstRating: This will insert a 0 as the worst possible rating on the product
    • bestRating: While this will insert a 5 as the best possible rating.
  • review
    • name: For reviews, this will show the most recent review's subject line
    • description: This will show the product's most recent review
    • author
      • name: This will show the first name of the most recent reviewer
    • reviewRating
      • ratingValue: This will show the most recent review's rating

The attributes listed here are the ones added to the Core theme listing template by default. To test your site's structured data, please visit Google's Structured Data Testing Tool found here.

Some common results from the testing tool might include:

Rating is missing required best and/or worst values: This could be specific to having Reviews enabled on your website but products that have 0 reviews. Try testing a product with reviews.
Invalid value type for field 'availability': Verify the value shown, it's possible that an outdated listing template might not be using the latest values (InStock, OutOfStock, etc.)
Missing field 'priceCurrency': If you have products with no price or custom price, both the price and priceCurrency properties could be missing.

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