Shift4Shop and Cloudflare


In an effort to improve DNS management, load balancing and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection, Shift4Shop is transitioning all Shift4Shop powered stores to Cloudflare's Content Delivery Network (CDN).

What is a CDN?

A content delivery network (CDN) is a network of webservers that delivers your website content to users in a more efficient manner. It accomplishes this by caching your files on servers that are closer to where your visitors are across the globe. This allows the content to be delivered faster to users while also protecting the site from unwanted and malicious incoming traffic.

Will this cost extra?

No. This upgrade is being implemented as part of the default Shift4Shop service to all users going forth.

Does my store have to be served through Cloudflare?

Yes, all Shift4Shop powered stores will be served using Cloudflare going forward.

Is Shift4Shop still hosting my online store?

Yes! Cloudflare is not a hosting service, per se. Instead, it works more like a conduit for traffic coming into your store and improving site performance, while keeping your website safe from unwanted attacks.

Will this affect my store's SSL certificate?

Not at all! The move to Cloudflare will not have any impact on your store's installed SSL certificate.

Will I experience any downtime when the transfer occurs?

If your domain is properly pointed to Shift4Shop (see below), then you are not expected to have any downtime at all. It is recommended that you check your DNS early and make sure your domain is properly pointed now to ensure the transition will go smoothly when it happens.

Do I need to change my DNS settings?

In most cases, there's nothing you will need to do to your domain's DNS. If your domain is properly pointed to Shift4Shop, you should be all set.

What if Shift4Shop handles my DNS?

If your domain is registered through Shift4Shop, you're all set. There's nothing further needed for your DNS.

How do I properly point my domain to Shift4Shop for the Cloudflare transfer?

You can use either of the following options to properly point your domain to us.

  • Option 1: Point your DNS records to Shift4Shop

This is the simplest option, since it will effectively let Shift4Shop manage all of your DNS needs. Simply log into your domain's regstrar service (who you registered your domain with) and update the domain's name servers to the following:


Once the information is updated and propagated online, Shift4Shop will effectively manage all of your domain's DNS and complate the updates to Cloudflare.

When re-pointing DNS, first check to see if you have other custom records, such as Email (MX), A-records or additional CNAMES. If those need to stay intact, please email support with those as we can have our server administrators add them here to avoid any disruption. We will confirm the records were set and then you can make your DNS updates.

  • Option 2: Create a CNAME on your DNS

If you prefer to keep your DNS servers unchanged, then an alternative would be to create a CNAME on the domain's WWW sub-domain. The CNAME would then point to your shared * URL (or * for legacy users).

Either of these methods can be used to make your store's DNS work with Shift4Shop and Cloudflare.

I'm not using a CNAME or Shift4Shop's DNS, but I am using an A record pointed to my domain's IP address.

If you have an A record pointing to your domain's IP address, this will not work with Shift4Shop's Cloudflare set up. Please be sure to use one of the methods described above (Update DNS to Shift4Shop, or create a CNAME to the WWW sub-domain.) or update your current A Record to point to one of the following IP addresses:


The above IP addresses will direct properly to your domain's A record on the Shift4Shop Cloudflare

As an alternative, you can also sign up for a free Cloudflare account which will let you manipulate your domain's DNS information as well (after pointing to Cloudflare).

I'm using my own Cloudflare Account DNS.

If you are using your own Cloudflare Account's DNS settings, and you have the A record pointed to one or both of the IP addresses shown above please be sure to also also turn off the Proxy Status on the A records and set the A record(s) to "DNS Only" status.

This is because the IP addresses you are pointing to in this case are also using Cloudflare and proxies. Having the proxy enabled on your set up will conflict with the same proxy setup on the Shift4Shop end.

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