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Why can't customers leave a product review using an iPhone?

  • Issue:
    Some merchants have reported difficulties experienced by their customers when leaving product reviews using an iPhone or iPad. When attempting to write the review, the focus jumps to the review text area preventing the reviewer from inputting their name or any other information.
  • Cause:
    This is actually a known issue with the Safari browser on iOS and it causes the focus of the fields to "bounce" around when the form being used is contained within an iframe.

In the case of our HTML5 themes, the review form is contained within an iframe so that it properly resizes for display on mobile devices. Unfortunately, due to the known issue described above with iOS and Safari, the focus on the form fields is lost when the review is attempted on an iPhone or other iOS powered mobile device. If the user attempts to input their name onto the name field, the focus shifts immediately to the review section preventing them from entering the required information.

  • Solution:
    Consider upgrading your store's design to one of our free CORE powered themes.

The newer CORE powered themes do not use iframes for any of their forms. Instead, the resizing and fluidity of the forms is provided by specially sized modal popups which have no problem on iOS or any other mobile platform. Therefore, the best way to avoid this issue is to update your store to a CORE theme. Shift4Shop has several free themes to choose from as well as premium themes available for purchase. Click here to browse them.

Best of all, your existing reviews will still be available and display on the store after upgrading to the new theme.

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