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How do I set up Klarna?


Important This article is aimed at our merchants on our legacy paid plans (for more information see here). This feature is not accessible on our free, End to End plan.

Online merchants using Klarna benefit from increased conversion rates by offering an alternative to shoppers who don't have (or may not wish to use) a credit card for their online purchase, shoppers who may want to pay for their order later, or otherwise shoppers hoping to finance the total amount of their purchase and pay in installments.

Additionally, Klarna guarantees payment to you and assumes 100% responsibility for the transactions; eliminating the possibility of chargebacks. Furthermore, the absence of redirects and interruptions to the checkout flow mean customers never leave the merchant’s site — which results in a smoother shopping experience for the consumer.

When you offer Klarna as a payment method, your online store customers can choose to pay by selecting different options appropriate to the market and your business:

  • Pay now
    Allows the shopper to pay immediately via online bank transfer or debit payment.
    (currently only available for use with Klarna EU accounts)
  • Pay later
    Offers an invoice payment option where the shopper pays for their order at a later time.
  • Slice it
    Offers partial payment financing options to the buyer where they can elect to pay for the order in regular installments.

Each represents a separate payment option on the Klarna Payment module of your Shift4Shop store.

Klarna Payments is currently available for use in the following countries:

  • Sweden (SE)
  • Norway (NO)
  • Finland (FI)
  • Germany (DE)
  • Austria (AT)
  • Netherlands (NL)
  • United Kingdom (UK)
  • United States (US)


Before you begin, please sign up for and create your Klarna account. You may begin the Sign-up process by clicking here. To complete this integration, you will need to have active API credentials that are supplied to you by Klarna.

Also note that Klarna will only work on single-page checkout on HTML5 or CORE Theme pages (on Shift4Shop v8.2). Please be sure that your checkout page template is updated to the latest version from the common folder.

The following steps will allow you to set up the Klarna Payments option on your Shift4Shop store:

  1. Log into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager
  2. Using the left hand navigation menu, go to Settings >Payment
  3. Once you arrive at the Payments page, click on the "Select Payment Methods" button

When you arrive to the Payment Methods page, you will see a series of pre-installed payment modules listed at the top of the page. Locate the "Klarna." payment method within this section and click on its on/off toggle switch to expand the payment module. A series of configuration settings will then appear for you.

To continue:

  1. Enter your Klarna API Username (UID) into the provided field
  2. Next, click on the Password "Change" link and enter your Klarna API Password into the password field.
  3. Under "Language Country" select the country's language that will be used for the Klarna payment options on the store.

Tip Above the Username (UID) field is a checkbox labeled "Test Mode". Marking this checkbox will place the payment module into test mode, allowing you to place orders without incurring any charges or payment actions while testing the module.

Please note that for orders that are placed while Test Mode is active, there will be no Payouts. Therefore, please be sure to uncheck and disable "Test Mode" before going live with the module so that your real orders go though uninterrupted.

Additional Settings

Upon entering the Klarna API Username (UID) and Password as described above, the payment module is essentially ready for use. You will also have some additional settings that can be configured as well.

Underneath the Klarna Payment description area, you will have the following links with additional uses:

    • Styling Adjustments
      Clicking on this link will open up an additional area of the module that allows you edit the colors and styling of the Klarna Payment options on your pages.
      (See next section for more details)
    • Marketing Materials
      Click this link to retrieve image URLs for the Payment Badges from Klarna. These can be used if you'd like to display the badges elsewhere on your site to notify users that you now accept Klarna as a payment method.

Upstream Marketing
Near the bottom of the Marketing Materials popup, you will see a section labeled "Upstream Marketing"

This section will contain a series of checkboxes that allow to display the Klarna widget on certain areas of your cart.

  • Home Page
    Displays a generic banner advising of the basic Klarna financing options available on your store.
  • Product Page
    Displays a widget on item product pages to advise of the financing options available for the product with Klarna.
  • View Cart Page
    Displays a widget on the view cart page to advise the user of financing options available to them with Klarna.

To the right of these checkboxes, you will see a drop down menu that provides two different styles for the widget display. Type one offers a light color scheme, while Type 2 offers a darker widget.

Once you are satisfied with your selections, click on the Save button to have the Upstream Marketing Widgets appear in their respective sections.

Important: Please be sure that your homepage, listing page and view cart HTML templates are updated to the latest version from the common folder.

      • Advanced Settings
        This link will contain optional settings that can be used to further refine the Payment method on your store:
        • Minimum/Maximum Order Amount
          Set the order amount range that would be applicable to the payment method
        • Customer Group
          Set the customer group that you'd like to make the payment option available for. Your choices are All customer groups, Retail only (i.e. None), or a specific Customer Group.
        • Description
          A brief description that will appear with the payment method on the checkout page.
        • Confirmation Message
          A brief message that will appear on the "Thank You" page once the order is complete.

In addition to the Advanced Settings link, you can also click on the Customer Group link on the payment module to see the same settings.

Finally, in the Region section, you can click on the "Exclude List" to exclude regions which you would like to exclude from using the payment module.

Once you're done configuring your settings, click "Save" at the top right and you're all set to use Klarna on your store!

Styling Adjustments

As mentioned above, the Additional Settings section has styling adjustments that can be made to the appearnance of the Klarna Payment methods on your checkout page. Below you will find an explanation of each. Please note that some of the styling settings currently have no effect and are merely in place for future updates to the Klarna payment module.

  • Button
    This setting currently has no effect and may be ignored.
  • Button Text
    This setting currently has no effect and may be ignored.
  • Checkbox
    This setting currently has no effect and may be ignored.
  • Checkmark
    This setting currently has no effect and may be ignored.
  • Header
    This setting currently has no effect and may be ignored.
  • Link
    This setting will determine the color of the links used in the description of the payment method available to your customer.
  • Border
    This style setting controls the color of the border to the payment finance selection options available to your shopper.
  • Border Selected
    While this style setting will control the color of the border for the chosen option to highlight that it is actively selected.
  • Text
    Use this setting to control the coloring of the informational text that will appear in the payment options.
  • Details
    And this setting will be used to select the coloring for the bullet points in the informational text mentioned above.
  • Secondary Text
    This setting currently has no effect and may be ignored.
  • Radius
    With this setting, you an specify the degree of rounding for the border of the payment finance selection options.

The following image can be used as a reference for the styling options.

Order Flow

As your shoppers proceed to checkout to complete their purchase, they will see the applicable Klarna payment options for their order:

  • Pay now (EU only)
  • Pay later
  • Slice it

Depending on which options are selected, the shopper is given the applicable terms for their purchase and completes the order. Ultimately, the shopper will agree to pay Klarna for the purchase and you will in turn be paid in full by Klarna.

As the order is placed, it will go through a series of automated API calls between your Shift4Shop store and Klarna. These calls will move the order into the appropriate order statuses (New or Unpaid) indicating how you should proceed with the order.

For the most part, the orders will go into your store's New order status with the charge authorized. As you process the order, you will capture the funds and fulfill the order as needed. (See below for steps)

In some cases however, Klarna will place the order into a "pending" status while the shopper's financing goes through approval processes and fraud measures. In these cases, the orders will be placed into the Unpaid status of your store. If the order is not approved by Klarna, then it will go to your store's Cancel status. If it is approved it will then go into the New status when you can fulfill the order, capture funds, etc.

As mentioned above, the automation that takes place between your Shift4Shop store and Klarna is based on a series of carefully constructed API calls that take place between the two platforms. Therefore, it is very important that all order payment functions for Klarna take place from your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager.

Please do not process any payment functions (Capture, Cancellation, or Refund) for your Shift4Shop/Klarna orders from the Klarna portal. Doing so may result in a failure to properly capture funds for the order(s).

Capturing Funds

Order funds should be captured when their respective shipments are sent. This way, the shopper receives their payment instructions at the same time that shipping has occurred. This is needed to align the payment count with the shipping time.

To capture funds on the order:

  1. Log into the Shift4Shop Online Store Manager
  2. Using the left hand navigation menu, go to Orders >Manager Orders

The order management page will have a series of tabs at the top denoting each order status. Be sure you're looking at the "New" status before proceeding.

  1. Locate the order you'll be processing and click on its invoice number
  2. Once the order is open, scroll down to the "Transactions" section
  3. Click on the Action wheel for the Authorize transaction and select "Transaction Details"

A small window will appear with the OrderID information (from Klarna) and two buttons labeled Void and Capture.

  1. Click on the Capture button to capture the funds (or select Void to void the transaction)
  2. Save the order and proceed with the rest of your fulfillment processes.

Automatic Capturing

Note that digital purchases like eProducts and Gift Certificates will automatically be captured since they are typically fulfilled at time of purchase.


The cancellation process depends on whether or not the funds have been captured on the order yet.

  • Funds Captured
    If the Klarna order funds have not yet been captured, you may cancel the order simply by moving it to your store's Cancel status. The appropriate API calls will be made to Klarna for the order.
  • Funds Not Yet Captured
    If the funds on the order have already been captured, then you must perform a full refund on the order first. (See next section) After the refund is processed, you can move the order to the Cancel status to initiate the appropriate API calls to Klarna.


You may perform either partial or full refunds on Klarna orders through Shift4Shop

To refund an order:

  1. Log into the Shift4Shop Online Store Manager
  2. Using the left hand navigation menu, go to Orders >Manager Orders
  3. Locate the order you'll be refunding and click on its invoice number to open it.
  4. Click on the Action wheel for the Capture transaction and select "Transaction Details"

A small popup window will appear with the Order ID and a button labled "Refund Transaction"

  1. Click on the "Refund Transaction" button and confirm your request.
  2. Enter the Refund amount if it is a partial refund, or click on the "Total Amount" checkbox to enter the full amount of the order.
  3. Click on the "Submit" button to process the refund

The refunded payment will be listed as a credit to the order in your Shift4Shop store and will be refunded to the customer via Klarna.

To cancel the order, you must process a FULL refund before the system will let you move the order to your Cancel status.

Supported Klarna Features

As part of the integration, the following Klarna features are supported through the Shift4Shop integration:

  • Capture Order
    All orders are initially authorized for the order amount at the time of purchase. When the order is processed on your Shift4Shop store (and moved to Shipped status), the integration will automatically capture the funds. You can also manually capture the funds (or void the order) as described in steps 4 through 7 in the "Capturing Funds" section above.
  • Cancel
    Canceling the order (moving it to cancel status) on the Shift4Shop store will also cancel it on the Klarna interface. Orders with captured funds must first be refunded in full before cancelling.
  • Refund & Partial Refund
    After funds are captured, the transaction will appear as a time stamp on the order with an action wheel (similar to the authorize transaction described above). Viewing the capture transaction details will let you refund the transaction. You may either perform a partial refund or a full refund. To cancel the order, you must provide a full refund.
  • Add Tracking Information
    Shipment tracking information that is added to the order on your Shift4Shop store will post to the customer's Klarna account.

Unsupported Function

  • Line Item Tax Info For EU merchants, taxes are typically applied per item and listed separately on each item of the order on the Klarna interface. However, for orders that originate from your Shift4Shop store, the tax is shown for the entire order rather than for each item.

Klarna Settlements
Note that Settlement files can be found in the Merchant Portal of Klarna

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