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How do I integrate my Store with Tradegecko?

Tradegecko is a multi-channel inventory and order management service that allows you to consolidate your multiple channels into one interface instead of logging into each separate channel to run your eCommerce orders. Integrating your 3dcart store into TradeGeck can be done with the following steps:

Creating the TradeGecko API App

The first step in the process will be to create the REST API App on TradeGecko which will connect to your 3dcart store. The following assumes that you've already created your TradeGecko account and you have set up your profile on their service. For complete instructions on how to do this, please refer to TradeGecko's documentation. For the purposes of this article, we are providing the following abridged version of the steps involved for creating the REST API app on TradeGecko.

  1. Log into your TradeGecko account
  2. Using the left hand navigation menu, go to the "MY APPS" section and select the "Tools" option.
  3. Locate the "Developer API" app and click on it.

A popup window will appear with a short introduction to TradeGecko's Developer API App.

  1. Click on the "Start Building" button located on the lower right had corner of the popup window.

This action will open up a new browser tab/window with TradeGcko's API documentation. Look for the section labeled "Registering an Application" to continue.

  1. Under "Registering an Application" click on the URL shown as
  2. Next, click on the "New Application" button and fill out the form that gets displayed

The form will contain the following fields:

  • Name
    A simple name for the app that will help you identify it on TradeGecko's API pages.
  • Description
    A simple description to further help you identify the App on your TradeGecko account
  • Website
    Your 3dcart store's main store URL.
  • Support URL
    The URL to your store's Support services. This can be either your contact us form, your terms and services, or any extra page that you may have created on your store for this purpose.
  • Support Email
    Your 3dcart store's main contact email address
  • Settings URL
    Your 3dcart store's myaccount page. (i.e. store_url/myaccount.asp)
  • Icon (Optional)
    You can use this optional function to upload an icon to the App to help you identify it on TradeGecko
  • Redirect URI
    The redirect URI to your TradeGecko REST API app. An example is provided for you in the line below the box between the <code> and </code> angle brackets.

Once you have finished filling out the form, click on Submit to continue.

Upon successful submission of the form, a new window will appear with additional information about your REST API App.

  1. Copy the generated "Application ID" information into a blank notepad file and save for later.
  2. Then copy the generated "Secret" key and also save this to your notepad file for later.

Beneath the main details section, you will see a button labeled "Create Privileged Token"

  1. Click on the "Create Privileged Token" button to create a unique token for your 3dcart site.
  2. Copy this token to your notepad file and save for later.
  3. Lastly, look at the "Callback urls" section and click on "Authorize" and follow the page to authorize your app.

The next steps will be to add the Application ID, Secret Key and Token to your 3dcart store.

Adding It All to your 3dcart Store

  1. Now, log into your 3dcart Online Store Manager.
  2. Using the left hand navigation menu, go to Modules
  3. Once there, use the search bar at the top to locate "TradeGecko Integration" from the list of Modules.
  4. Click on the "Enable" checkbox
  5. Then click on the "Settings" button to proceed

During the first steps of this article - when you created the REST API App - the instructions mentioned copying and pasting the Application ID, Secret Key and Token information to a notepad file. This information will now be added into the TradeGecko module on your 3dcart store.

  1. Copy/Paste the Application ID to the provided field
  2. Copy/Paste the Application Secret key to the provided field
  3. Copy/Paste the Access Token to the provided field.

Once all of the fields are populated, click "Save" at the top right of the screen, and you're done!

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