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Can I print Return Labels from my Shift4Shop Store?

Can I print Return Labels from my Shift4Shop Store?


When managing returns, you may want to provide your customers who are returning items with a return shipping label generated from your own shipping carrier as a courtesy to your customer.

For the most part, you will need to log into your specific shipping carrier's interface to generate the return shipping label. However, if your store is connected to FedEx, the return label can be generated right form your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager.

To print a return shipping label for FedEx:

  1. Go to Orders >Manage Orders
  2. Look along the top and select the status that your orders are in
  3. Click the invoice number of the order you would like to print a Shipping Label for.
  4. Look towards the top right of the page and click the "Shipping Label" button.
  5. In the "Select a Carrier" dropdown, the system will default to shipping carrier selected by the Shopper. You can change this to a different shipping carrier if necessary. In thise case, you would need to select FedEx
  6. Choose the type of packaging and other shipment details such as the package Length, Width, & Height as needed.

Because you are using FedEx, you will have additional selectable options such as Return Label. When you select this option, the customer and merchant shipping addresses will be reversed on the generated label.

  1. Click the Get Quote button to display the price to ship the package with all available shipping methods for the carrier selected.
  2. Click Close Quote when you are done looking at the shipping costs, or Get Label if you are ready to print the label.
  3. Once the shipping label has been created, it will display the tracking number and generate a charge for the label.

This label can then be provided to the customer for the return of the items.
(i.e. Print the label and snail mail to them, or save as PDF and electronically send it to them.)

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