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Why aren't my FedEx rates showing at Checkout?

Why aren't my FedEx rates showing at Checkout?

  • Issue: FedEx rates are not displaying on the checkout pages

This can be due to several possible causes:

Possible Cause #1:

Check your store's currency code and real-time shipping location

In order to properly display shipping rates for FedEx, you will need to set your store's currency to the currency of the country used in your real time shipping location. In other words, if your real time shipping origin country is Canada, your store's currency should be set to Canada Dollar (CAD).

To set your store's currency:

Go to Settings >General >Store Settings and you will see the Currency Code selector at the bottom left of the page.

To set your store's Real Time Shipping Location:

Go to Settings >Shipping and click on the "Edit Settings" button under Shipping Settings. Once there, click on the +icon next to Real Time Shipping Location to enter your store's point of origin.

Possible Cause #2:

Be sure to register when entering your FedEx credentials.

Merchants with an existing FedEx account may sometimes simply add their credentials to the FedEx shipping module (found in Settings >Shipping >Shipping Settings) on the Shift4Shop store and assume that will work.

Unfortunately, FedEx is slightly different from other real time carriers in that you don't just plug your credentials in. You absolutely HAVE to use the register button and follow the steps to enter your credentials.

To be clear, you won't be registering a new account with FedEx, but in order to enter your existing credentials properly you have to click on the regist button first and follow the steps to enter your credentials.

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