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How do I change my store's email display names?


Normally, emails sent from your store will be shown to the recipients as coming from the full email address (i.e. [email protected]).

However, it is possible to change the format of the email so that it uses a display name alongside the email address. To do this, just enter your email address in the Online Store Manager fields (store settings, email templates), in the following format:

Display Name <[email protected]>

Be sure to include the email address within angle brackets as shown above. When the emails are received, they will include the Display Name along with the email address in the recipient's email client "From" field.

The above information applies to and will work for the "FROM" fields found in the email templates (Settings >Design >Emails) as well as the email field found in the Store Information page (Settings >General >Store Settings).

However, it will not work on the Newsletter or Autoresponder email settings found in your Marketing section. These emails will be pre-formatted with your @domain designation and cannot be edited in this way.

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