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How do I integrate my Shift4Shop Store with BitPay?


This article will show you how to integrate your store with BitPay.

Adding the Payment Method

To integrate your store with BitPay, you will first need to complete your Shift4 Payments application. You will also need to create an API token on your BitPay account. This can be done in your BitPay Account Dashboard

When creating the API token, make sure that the "Require Authentication" checkbox is not marked. For more complete information, please refer to BitPay's documentation for steps on creating/reviewing your API keys

  1. Log into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager
  2. Using the left hand navigation menu, go to Settings >Payment

At the top of the page, you will see a "Recommended Payments" banner listing BitPay.

You must first complete your Shift4 Payments setup to see the banner above. Furthermore, the Shift4 Payments method must also be enabled in order for BitPay to be available.

To continue:

  1. In the BitPay banner, click on the "Connect BitPay" button

You will now see two buttons/links:

  • Create your BitPay account
    If you haven't create a BitPay account yet, click this button to set one up.
  • Already have an account?
    Once you've set up your BitPay Account and API token, this link will let you enter it

The rest of the steps outlined here assume that you've already created your BitPay Account and your API token as mentioned at the start of this article.

  1. Click on the "Already have an account?" link
  2. Enter your BitPay API key and click "Submit"

Upon entering a valid API key, your store will add BitPay as a payment method.

Adding the Payment Mark to Your Site

If you'd like to add a payment mark from BitPay to your store (to let your customers know that BitPay is accepted), add either of the following scripts to your store's global footer banner.

Remember to turn off WYSIWYG on the banner area before pasting these codes!

For BitPay Accepted

Add the following code to your global footer:

<img src="" alt="BitPay Supported Currencies" width="250px" />

For Pay with BitPay

Add the following code to your global footer:

<img src="" alt="BitPay Supported Currencies" width="250px" />

For additional logos and images from BitPay (including for dark backgrounds) click here.


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