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Why doesn't Shift4Shop have [insert feature name] available?!?/Why doesn't it work like [insert function]?!?


We try to offer as much of a well rounded and fully featured shopping cart as possible. However there are certain functions which are not available on the service. Furthermore, there may be instances where features we do have on the service do not necessarily work in the way you'd like or expect them to.

When submitting support requests for these situations, please keep the following points in mind:

  • Everything that is available on Shift4Shop is advertised on the Shift4Shop features pages, as well as the Shift4Shop App Store. If a particular feature you're looking for is not advertised, then it is not currently available on Shift4Shop.
  • No matter how trivial of a function or feature the request may be - if it is not part of the Shift4Shop service, then support cannot assist with it. If there is a feature you're requesting to have added to your store, you may submit a feature request which our developers review each quarter when deciding which functionality to add to Shift4Shop globally.
  • If a feature is not available or otherwise does not work as you expect; this is not a "bug" in the software. A "bug" is functionality that is outlined on the Shift4Shop features page but does not work as advertised. This is certainly something that support can assist with and any type of bug found will be reported, researched, addressed and corrected as soon as possible. However, please keep in mind that these should be directed to the proper support channels. Neither the feature request portals nor the user forums are proper places to report bugs due to the fact that these areas are not always monitored or frequented by qualified Shift4Shop personnel.
  • Finally, and most importantly, please understand that Shift4Shop is used by over 15,000 active merchants at the same time. Making any type of change - however miniscule - can have lasting impact on all accounts across the board. Therefore, global changes and feature requests will not be made if they're requested by only a small number of merchants.

At Shift4Shop, our aim is to offer merchants a fully featured service that's easy to use. As part of this endeavor, we try to have as many universal features built-in as possible. If you have need for functions that are unique to your specific business, please contact our Support team (1-800-828-6650) and inquire as to those possibilities.

Thank you,

Shift4Shop Management Team

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