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How do I add ALT tags to my images?


For SEO purposes, ALT tags are basically the text that search engines use to recognize, and rank your store's images.

A question we get often is in regards to adding and editing ALT tags for product images.

Fortunately, your Shift4Shop store automatically provides ALT tags for your product images as they are assigned in the store. When you assign images to your products, the Shift4Shop software will take the product name itself and use it for the Alt Tag text.

In the example below, we show the image as it appears on the listing page along with the HTML created for the image reference.

Note how the ALT tag is reflecting the product's name.

Anywhere in the store where product images display will utilize this automatic ALT tagging action. This includes the following:

  • Product Listing page
  • Products on the home page
  • Related and Up Sell products
  • Banner displayed products (Top sellers, recently added, etc)

Additionally, your store will use the following ALT tags for these non-product related images:

  • Store logo
    will use the store name variable (Settings >General >Store Settings | "Store" tab ) for its ALT tag.
  • On Sale
    will use the On Sale variable found in Store Language (Settings >Design >Store Language)
  • Rating stars
    on products will use the "Average Rating" variable found in Store Language
  • Free Shipping
    icon will use the "Free Shipping" variable found in Store Language as well.


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