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Why do my PayPal Express Orders Show a Different Shipping Address than the Store's Customer Record?

  • Issue:
    When creating their account, a shopper specifies an address for Shipping in your store. However, if/when they pay for their order pay with PayPal Express, the order sometimes shows a different address than the store record.
  • Cause:
    This happens because the shipping address is being populated by whatever is listed in the shopper's account with PayPal.

When PayPal Express is used for order payment, the following actions take place:

  1. Shopper Adds item to cart
  2. Shopper selects PayPal Express on either the View Cart or Checkout pages
  3. Shopper is redirected away from your store to their login at PayPal
  4. Shopper logs into their PayPal account to begin the transaction

After login, PayPal sends the shopper back to their pending order at your store. At this point, the checkout fields are pre-populated with whatever billing and shipping address information is present on the shopper's PayPal account.

If the address information is different than what's present in your Shift4Shop store, the shopper has the option of editing the information when they come back to your store. However, if they click through to checkout without editing their address, then the order will reflect whatever was populated (from PayPal).

An alternative that will help you avoid this issue is to use PayPal Standard as this version of PayPal will not redirect to the store with pre-populated information. Instead, the order information is sent from your Shift4Shop store (along with shipping address information) to the PayPal payment processing and the order is completed at PayPal.


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