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How do I make modifications to my site if I don't know HTML?


Your Shift4Shop store's templates are 100% customizable, which allows you to have a great amount of creative control over how to edit your site's look and feel.

Although a strong working knowledge of HTML coding is favorable for advanced modifications, there are some options which might come in handy for less experienced users.

This article will detail some of the editing options available to you in order: from easy to more advanced.


Wherever possible, we've made access to the WYSIWYG ("What you see is what you get") available in various sections of the cart.

WYSIWYG (Pronounced wizzy-wig), and is an editing tool which allows you to enter formatted text and basic HTML coding onto your pages without having direct knowledge of HTML. It consists of a web-based editor that allows you to input text in an environment, very similar to a word processing program.

Some of the areas where you can find WYSIWYG mode include:

  • Product Descriptions:
    Go to Products >Product List (Select your product and look at its Information Tab)
  • Product Extra Fields 6 through 10
    Go to Products >Product List (Select your product and look at its Information Tab)
  • Category Headers and Footers
    Go to Products >Categories (Select your category and look at its "Page Content" section)
  • Newsletter Creation
    Go to Marketing >Newsletters (Click "+ Add New" to create a Newsletter)
  • Manufacturer Page Headers
    Go to Settings >General >Manufacturers to edit manufacturer page headers
  • Global Headers, Footers, Left & Right Banners
    Go to Content >Header & Footer
  • Site Content Headers
    Go to Content >Site Content to edit your site content pages as needed
  • Store Status Message
    Go to Settings >Design >Store Status to edit the page that is seen when the store or checkout pages are closed from the public.
  • Blog Article Creation
    Go to Content >Blog (Click "+Add New" to add a blog article)

Titles and Content

Another section with access to WYSIWYG mode, is the Titles & Content section of your store.

This is an area in which you can designate a header and footer to just about any page that makes up your store's overall navigation. Furthermore, since it allows you to specify a header and/or a footer to these pages, the interface also gives you access to the same WYSIWYG mode described above!

To get to the Titles & Content section of your Online Store Manager, go to Content >Titles & Content. Select a page you'd like to specify a header or footer for and click on its respecitve "edit" button to access its own WYSIWYG mode.

Store Language

Another resource at your disposal is the Store Language section.

This area of the cart allows you to control many of the labels and syntax that is used throughout the whole site. For example, the path to the default "Free Shipping" icon that is displayed on your free shipping items can be edited and even removed from your store directly from the Store Language section.

To get to the Store Language page go to Settings >Design >Store Language and have a look at some of the options available to your there.

Some of the options available here include labels such as:

  • Add to Cart
  • Proceed to Checkout
  • Categories
  • Browse by Price
  • Powered by Shift4Shop
  • And many, MANY more

Many users will be surprised at just how much information is contained in the Store Language section. In fact, before attempting to edit any of the templates, you should always check the Store Language section first.

System Messages

Along a similar vein as Store Language; the System Messages page will allow you to edit some of the various error and system wide messages that appear to your shoppers during specific situations.

To get to the System Messages section, go to Settings > Design >System Messages in your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager

In system messages you'll be able to control some of the following situations such as:

  • Login Errors
  • Add to Cart Errors
  • Tax Calculation Errors
  • Product not Available
  • Invalid Email Address
  • and MANY more

So if you are not comfortable or knowledgeable with HTML coding, then perhaps some of the above options will be better suited to your needs. And even for more experienced users, a good rule of thumb is to always check what's possible through these methods first before you consider making edits to the site's HTML templates.

However, if the changes you desire cannot be made using these methods, be aware that the HTML templates are still available to you. Just be sure to make the proper backups of your files to be on the safe side.

Also, don't forget that Shift4Shop has an extremely talented in-house design staff available to help you realize your design needs!

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