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How can I offer Free Shipping to only a specific Customer Group?


By using a combination of Custom Shipping Methods and Customer Pricing Groups, you can essentially offer free shipping for a specific group of customers. This can be useful for situations where you may have local customers you manually deliver to, or perhaps local customers that come to your brick and mortar location and therefore don't need to pay for shipping. This article will describe how to set up a customer group specific "Free Shipping" option, but the same logic can be applied to situations that offer customer specific flat rate shipping as well.

Create Your Customer Group

If you have not done so yet, the first step will be to create your Customer Group for these specific users. Please click here for the article which details the process.

Create your Custom Shipping Method

After creating your special customer group, the next step will be to create a custom shipping method that offers free shipping for this specific group only. If you have not done so yet, please click here for the article which details this process.

For the purposes of this article, when creating the custom shipping method, be sure to assign it to your specially made group. Also, after you've created the shipping method you'll also need to specify the ranges your custom shipping method will apply free shipping to. For example, if you're using a custom shipping method by Value - the range can be $0 to $999 with a shipping cost of $0 See below:

Assigning Shipping Methods to Customer Groups

Now that you've created your "Free Shipping" Customer group and your Custom "Free Shipping" method the next step is to assign your shipping methods to their respective groups.

From your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager, use the left hand navigation menu to go to Settings >Shipping. Once there, click on the "Select Methods" button under "Shipping Methods"

Next, find the shipping method that you'd like to edit and click its "Settings" link followed by the "Advanced Settings" link.

From here, simply assign your custom shipping method to the special group, and also assign your regular shipping methods to "None." This will ensure that only your special customers will see their special shipping method, while your regular customers (who don't belong to any particular group) will only see the regular shipping methods.

You can also label the custom shipping method's Caption to tailor a special label to be displayed for the shipping method on the store front. (i.e. (Local Customer Pick Up")


If you'd like for your regular shipping methods to also apply to the special customer group, simply leave them set to Customer Group "All."

Assigning Individual Users to this Group

The final step now is to assign your individual customers to this free (or flat rate) shipping group.

To do this, use the following steps:

From your Online Store Manager

  1. Go to Customers >Customer List
  2. Find your customer(s) and click their respective name to open up their customer record
    You can also look to the far right and click on the "Action >Edit" button to do the same
  3. Scroll down past their shipping information and specify their customer group under "Other Information"
  4. Click "Save"

The customer is now part of the special group.

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