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Can I add an Age Verification Pop Up to my Store?


Beginning in version 12.1.1, merchants will have the ability to create an automatic age verification pop-up directly within the Store Manager.

If you sell certain products that require an age limit to purchase, this module will cover this purpose. It will add an automatic age verification pop-up on the store to display a message to visitors to confirm they are old enough to order.

Additional Information
Before we continue, let's be completely clear on one important topic.

This age verification module is by no means legally binding as it does not actually verify the user's age in any way. All this will do is provide a pop up notification asking the user to verify (in good faith) that they are of a certain age.

For a true verification of the user's age, you will need to go with an Identity Verification service like IDology. Click here for more information on their services.

Ok, we're done with the disclaimers. The rest of this process will be fun. Let's get to it!

  1. First, log into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager
  2. Using the left hand navigation menu, go to "Modules"
  3. Locate Age Verification Module, and click on "Settings"

At this point you will be met with a Settings screen. The various fields it includes are:

  • Logo
    You can select a logo to display on your pop-up on the store. If no image is selected, it will use the store name.
  • Header
    You can enter a message to customers. By default, it will state "Please verify your age to enter"
  • Accept Button Text
    Text entered into this field will display as the accept button for verification. By default it states "I am over 18"
  • Decline Button Text
    Text entered into this field will display as the decline button for verification. When clicking on it, it forwards you to the Decline Landing Page. By default this states "I am under 18"
  • Decline Landing Page
    This controls the page the visitor is sent to if they decline the verification. You specify the URL for them to land on.
  • Custom Message
    This allows for you to display an additional message below the Accept and Decline buttons.
  • Terms & Conditions Title
    This allows for you to set title of your Terms and Conditions page. It displays below the Custom Message.
  • Link to Terms & Conditions
    Field for you to enter in the URL for your Terms & Conditions page.

After making any changes, press Save in the Top Right.

Additional Information
This age verification pop up will display on any page a user accesses the store from. So if they reach the store using a product page, category page, or another location, it will dynamically appear. Once they accept using the button, it will not appear anymore. If they decline, it will redirect them. If they visit the store again following this, they will be prompted to accept or decline once again.

The Age Verification module remembers a customer has accepted the verification pop-up through the use of a cookie in the browser. This cookie is stored for 30 days before it expires. This means that customers will see the pop-up display again after 30 days or if they clear their browsing data.


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