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What "Order By" Options can I use?


With Shift4Shop, you have the option of allowing product sorting based on several parameters. These sortimg options can be displayed on your store's category, browse by manufacturer, and browse by prices pages. When arriving to these pages, the store will display the products in the default sorting order you select. However, your shoppers can also select which order they would like the products to be displayed in - after the page appears - using the same parameters.

Here is a list of the current parameters.

  • Price: Low to High
    Sort items in ascending order of price
  • Price: High to Low
    Sort items in descending order of price
  • Name
    Sort items alphabetically by name
  • Newest
    Sort items in descending order of age (newest to oldest)
  • Oldest
    Sort items in ascending order of age (oldest to newest)
  • Stock: Low to High
    Sort items in ascending order of inventory
  • Stock: High to Low
    Sort in descending order of inventory
  • Extra Fields 1 through 5
    Sort by information contained in product "Extra Fields" 1 through 5, (iff applicable)
  • Review Average
    Sort by the average review score of products (Higher reviews to lowest)
  • Review Count
    Sort by the number of reviews per product
  • Free Shipping
    Sort by products oferring free shipping first
  • On Sale
    Sort by products listed as On Sale first.

To edit your store's "Order By" display, follow these steps.

Log into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager and, using the left hand navigation menu:

  1. Go to Settings >General >Store Settings
  2. Once there, click on the "Product Display" tab found along the top of the page.
  3. Under the "Home Page" section look for the "Hide 'Order By'" checkbox.
  4. Located underneath the checkbox, click on the "Edit Settings" link.

At this point, you will see all of the sorting options that the store has available. From here, you can name/rename the sorting options, change the order in which they appear on the pages, and whether or not they are visible. To select which of the sort options you'd like to have visible:

  1. Simply mark its respective "Visible" checkbox found along the far right.
  2. Click "Save at the top right of the page to set.

Special Note
In order to have the default sorting options function work corretly, never hide the top most "Order By" option from view. While hiding it will still allow your shoppers to sort the page manually; making the "Order By" selection hidden will prevent the store from using your selected sort by option when it initially loads the page.

Once completed, your shoppers will now have the Order By options available to them in the store front.

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