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How can I Migrate my Cart from Another Provider?


Use this guide when migrating from another shopping cart solution.

Step 1: Migrating Design

We offer a large variety of themes to choose from native to our platform. In the event these themes do not meet your needs, we recommend looking into our Experts page. Many of these third-party Shift4Shop Experts can help to migrate a design for you, or create a new one for your store with us.

Our Experts page also offers listings for full migration services via our third-party experts. If you find this process to be too time consuming yourself, we highly recommend consulting with one of them for options!

Step 2: Migrating product Data

If you are migrating from another shopping cart solution, ask your existing provider for a product export. Most shopping cart providers are able to export data in comma delimited or tab delimited formats. With some minor editing of the export file's column headers, you can format your existing provider's export file into a Shift4Shop compatible CSV file.

If you are not migrating from another shopping cart, you can use the product import template to import your product data. You can download a sample of the CSV file here. Feel free to contact our support team if you have further questions about this file.

Step 3: Migrating extra pages/content pages

During the migration of products, the content pages from your other store can be created on Shift4Shop.

To create new content pages go to Content >Site Content

There are two types of pages you can create; Menu Links, and Extra pages. You can use ether of the sections to create content pages. More information on the Site Content area can be found here.

Step 4: Migrating Settings

Next, the shipping options, payment options, and general store settings need to be configured. The following links will help guide you in these processes:

Step 5: Testing

Using the temporary store URL place as many orders as you feel necessary to make sure all the configurd settings are working to your liking. For example, make sure the shipping rules display the correct rates and that the payment options you specified are working as expected. Instructions on the basic store testing process can be found here.

Step 6: Setting up email accounts

Setup your email accounts and email forwarding accounts by using this guide.

Step 7: DNS/Domain transfer

Once you are satisfied with the store, you can make the DNS change to your domain. Instructions on this process can be found here.

Step 8: More Testing

The DNS change will typically take between 2-48 hours, once the store URL has been migrated, be sure to run some more tests, just to make sure everything is still working as expected with the new domain.


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