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Why doesn't My Store's Shipping Tracking Show Progress?


When orders are updated with a tracking number and set to shipped status in your store, your shopper will see a link on their order (and confirmation emails) inviting them to track the progress of their shipment.

However, in order to function correctly, the shipment tracking absolutely requires the following:

  • Tracking Number
    The order must have a valid Tracking number which is typically provided to you by the shipping carrier when the shipping label is generated
  • Shipping Carrier Credentials
    Your Shift4Shop store must be properly connected and configured for use with the tracking number's respective Shipping Carrier

Please note the use of the phrase "respective shipping carrier" in the last point above.

This refers to the fact that in order for the tracking number to show progress, your store must have valid credentials for the carrier that issued the tracking number.

This is important to note because some shipping carriers offer services that ultimately deliver the product using an alternate provider (i.e. FedEx SmartPost is handled by FedEx, but ultimately delivered by USPS).

Therefore, it's possible that the actual tracking number that is provided may be for the alternate shipping carrier service.

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