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Customer Order Confirmation - Gift Certificate Balance


When a gift certificate is used on an order, the order confirmation page generated by your store will reflect the order's subtotal as well as the gift certificate's use on the order.

However, the order confirmation emails that are sent to customers will reflect only the order subtotal without mentioning the gift certificate's use. This has caused some frustration and confusion for some since it appears that their gift certificates were not properly applied.

To correct this, you can update the email template so that both the subtotal and gift certificate usage are reflected on the customer's order confirmation email.

Please Note
The information in this article is provided solely as a courtesy and to offer basic instructions on making very simple changes to your store's HTML templates.

Please understand that - regardless of how simple the changes may be - HTML changes and troubleshooting fall outside the scope of our support department. The Shift4Shop support team is neither trained, qualified, nor allowed to make these changes for you. The boundary of our scope in this matter is limited to providing these instructions and helping you reset the template if the changes don’t work as you wanted.

If you are uncomfortable with making changes to your site’s HTML, please contact your sales representative and inquire about our HTML and design services which can make these changes for you.

Thank you for your understanding

Please follow these steps:

  1. Log into our Shift4Shop Online Store Manager.
  2. Using the left hand navigation menu, go to Settings >Design >Emails
  3. Look for the "New Order - Customer" email template and click on it's action wheel to edit it

The email template will contain a section for the HTML version of the message as well as a Text version of it.

  1. To have a gift certificate balance reflected on the message, add the following code to the templates:
For HTML version

<p><b>[shoppingcart_giftcertificate]:</b> [GIFTCERTS]<br>

For TEXT version

[shoppingcart_giftcertificate]: [GIFTCERTS]
[shoppingcart_balance]: [BALANCE]

  1. Click "Save" at the top right to commit your chages.

You can also apply the same edits to all other order status email templates if you'd like. (i.e. Processing, Partially Shipped, Shipped, etc)

The placement of the code is up to you, but we recommend placing it after the area of the email where the order "Total" is reflected. This way, the order email will reflect the regular order totals followed by a balance paid amount afterward as in the following image.


When a new order is placed, your store will now send an order confirmation email to your customer similar to the following:

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