Why is Google Search Console reporting blocked resources?


Users of the Google Search Center may be getting messages regarding "blocked resources" in their Google Index. The messages may also contain a subscript stating that "Rendering without this resource might impair the indexing of your web pages."

These messages are no cause for alarm and may be ignored. For the most part, the "blocked" resources that the messages are referring to are for things like external scripts, tracking programs and other functions that do not need to be indexed by Google.

For example, a common one you will see often is /3dvisit.asp which is used by your store to track incoming visits to your store for the store's statistical reporting. There is no reason for this script to be indexed by Google (otherwise it may skew your stats) so it is blocked. Furthermore, blocking this resource won't have any effect on your indexing. The messages sent from the Search Console are merely a "be aware" notification.

Typical scripts that may appear as "blocked resources" include:

  • 3dvisit.asp
    Used by your store's internal tracking script
  • 3dLive Chat
    If you have LiveChat included on your account, this may appear as a blocked resource
  • External Scripts
    Many 3rd party scripts and services may also appear as being blocked.

Again, these do not need to be indexed so do not be alarmed by the message.

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