How can I add a Shipping Method?


As mentioned in our Shipping Settings article, your store shipping configurations are contained in two separate sections that work closely together - Shipping Settings & Shipping Methods.

In this article we will discuss Shipping Methods and how to add them to your store. For the Shipping Settings articles, please click here.

Shipping Methods

To access the shipping methods screen from your Shift4Shop control panel, go to Settings >Shipping. Look for the "Shipping Methods" section of the page, then click on the button labeled "Select Methods"

This page will contain two portions. In the upper portion of the page, you will see an area labeled "Shipping Methods." This section contains two pre-created shipping methods for Free Shipping and Flat Rate.

Neither of the pre-created shipping methods mentioned above are turned on by default. They are simply there for your reference and use and should be customized before activating and using.

Within the bottom portion of the page, you will see each carrier listed and any shipping methods that have been created for your store (using those carriers)

To add a new Shipping Method, please follow these steps:

  1. Click "+Add Methods " under the carrier that you would like to use.
  2. Select the Shipping Country and Shipping State that these methods will be applicable to
  3. Place a mark in each checkbox for the Shipping Methods that you would like to add
  4. When ready, click "+Add" to proceed.

The methods will be added all at once.

After the shipping methods are added, you will have additional configuration options available to each one separately.

To fine-tune each method separately

  1. Look to the far right of the Shipping Method and click on its "Settings" link

Here, you'll have the ability to edit the following aspects of the Shipping Method

  • Caption
    The display label that the method will use when shown on the store. Typically, this will be the actual name of the method (as listed by the carrier), but you may wish to change the label to meet your needs
  • Markup
    Here, you can add a pricing markup to the shipping method if you'd like to add a certain amount to each calculated rate. Markups can be entered as a flat monetary amount or a percentage markup.
  • Advanced Settings
    Clicking this link will let you then edit the following
    • Min.Weight & Max.Weight
      The weight ranges to which the shipping method will apply. If the order does not fall within these ranges, then the shipping method will not display
    • Customer Group
      The Customer Pricing Group that this method will apply to. For example, if you'd like it to apply to all of your customers, you would select "All."
      (Setting it to "None" will merely limit the method to your regular, retail customers who do not yet belong to a customer group.)
    • Country/State Exclude List
      Clicking on the "Exclude List" link will allow you to specify states and locations (In the already configured country/state designations for the Shipping Method) that you would like to exclude from using the shipping method. For example, if your shipping method applies to all US States, but you'd like to exclude Alaska and/or Hawaii.

When your advanced settings are set, click on "OK" to apply your changes.

Once the shipping method is created, you can edit most of the parameters, such as the min/max weight, exclude states, as well as select a particular customer group this shipping method applies to. However, the country the method applies to cannot be edited after the fact. If you need to specify a different country after you've created the shipping method, you will need to create a new shipping method altogether.

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