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How Do I Use the Custom Transaction function on Orders?


When viewing an order in your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager, you will see the main details along the left hand side of the page including order total, status, items and balance.

Beneath the order details, you will see a tab labeled "Payment Information" which will show the payment type that was used by the shopper when placing the order.

Also within this tab, you will see a section labeled "Transactions" and a button labeled "+Add Custom Transaction"

When you click on this button, you will have the ability to add a custom transaction to the order. You have three options:

  • Type
    Select whether the transaction will be a payment or a credit
    • Payment
      Will be added to the order's "Paid" section and reflect towards the order's Balance
      • This is useful when you are dealing with an order in "unpaid" status with a remaining balance.
      • When the check has arrived/cleared, Payment can be used to apply the amount total to the order and put it towards the balance
    • Credit
      Will remove from the order's "Paid" section and reflect towards the order's Balance
      • This can be used in situations where the order is shown to have been paid in full but you only received partial funds
      • So you would add a credit for the remaining amount to have the order reflect a remaining balance.
  • Amount
    The amount that is being applied towards payment or credit on the order.
    • Values may be entered in positive or negative integers based on the desired effect on the order's balance
  • Ref#
    This field allows you to enter a reference number for your own record keeping purposes.

After your Custom Transaction is added, it will be listed in the "Transactions" section with a timestamp and basic information.

To the far right of the transaction, you will see an action wheel that will allow you to review the details of the transaction. You can also use this function to Void the transaction as needed.

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