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How do I import Reward Points via CSV?


When using your store's built-in Rewards Points program, you have the option of also adding reward points to individual customer records. You can also perform the same function via a CSV file import.

To import reward points for customers:

  1. Log into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager
  2. Using the left hand navigation menu, go to Customers >Customer List
  3. Look to the top right of the page, and click on the "Export / Import"

On the right hand side of the page, you will see a series of CSV import options.

  1. Click on the + icon next to Reward Points
  2. Then click on the "Sample File" link to download an example of the CSV file for import

When you open up the sample file in your spreadsheet program, it will contain the following column headers that can be used to populate your mailing list.

  • contactid
    The customer's database ID in your store*

*Additional Information
As mentioned, the contactid is the unique database number assigned to each specific customer record.

This will be the same as the contactid shown in the customer export CSV file.

  • rewardid
    This is the database ID created for the reward points record.
    This is typically generated by the store, and may be left blank when importing a new set of reward points.
  • datentime
    This will be used for the date and time stamp of the reward record.
    The format for this field is mm:dd:yyyy hh:mm. It may be left blank for new entries.
  • points
    The actual number of points being added to the record.
  • reference
    Any reference notes to explain why the points are added.

After populating the CSV file with your list reward points, save the file as a CSV and proceed with the following steps to import it:

  1. Log into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager
  2. Using the left hand navigation menu, go to Customers >Customer List
  3. Look to the top right of the page, and click on the "Export / Import"
  4. Click on the + icon next to Reward Points
  5. This time, use the browse button to locate the newly created CSV file on your computer.
  6. Click on "Import Data" to have it uploaded to your store's database.

Please be aware that the import function has a limit of 30 megabytes. If the CSV you are trying to import is larger than this, please split it up into separate, smaller files no larger than 30MB each.

After completion, your Reward Points will be present in the store.

Additional Information
The actual import/export process takes place "behind the scenes" of your store's software to prevent it from interfering with your store's active processes. By allowing the function to work in the background, you can go to other pages of the admin and still work on your store while importing or exporting large files.

During the import process, you will be taken to the Import/Export Status page which will display a grid layout of your recent imports and exports. The progress column will show you the progress of the import.

At the far right of each grid item will be an action wheel that contains the following options:

  • Download: Allows you to download the CSV file after a successful import/export
  • Notify Me: For larger, more time consuming files; this option will let you input your email address so that you will receive a notice once the import/export is complete.
  • View Log: Allows you to review the log of the import/export so you can see how many items were updated, inserted or if any records failed.
  • Cancel: Allows you to cancel an impending import/export
  • Retry: If for some reason the import/export fails, you may use this option to attempt a retry of the file.
  • Delete: Use this to delete the record altogether from the status page.

This will be present in all of the store's Export/Import functions.

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