Can I create Category Wide Product Options?



If all of the products in one category have the same options (for example, engraving), you can create the options in one place for the entire category, rather than going into each product individually to add them. For example, if you have a category of Sweaters with 50 products, and all sweaters come in small, medium, and large, this method will be useful to you.

  1. Go to Products >Categories
  2. Look to the fr right and click on the action wheel for the category you'd like to configure.
    A series of links will appear. Click on the "Details" link.
  3. In the Category Details page, click on the + icon next to "Product Display".
  4. When the item expands, look for "Category Wide Product Options" and click Add/Change Options

From here, the process of creating the option will be the same as the process for creating the options on the individual product (as described above). The only difference is that the options will be applied to all of the products contained within the category instead of having the options applied to the individual product.

If you want to remove a specific product from using the category options you set:

  1. Go to Products >Product List
  2. Find the product that you'd like to edit and click on its name
    Or look to the far right of the item and click on its "Action >Edit" button
  3. Click on the product's "Advanced" tab
  4. Check the Do not use Category Options checkbox in the General Options section.
  5. Click Save at the top right.

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