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What is causing Error code: 103 on my Recurring Orders?


Merchants using Shift4Shop's recurring order add-on may sometimes come across this error message when the system attempts to generate a recurring order:

Error generating recurring order: the shipping method that was originally used doesn't match with calculated shipping methods.
Error code: 103

This typically happens when the shipping method that was used (during the intial order) cannot be matched on the store's present shipping methods during recurrence.

The two most commong causes of this occur when the shipping methods have either been removed or renamed in the Online Store Manager.

  • Removed
    For example, let's say the order was originally created by the shopper and they selected UPS ground for that initial order. At a later date, the store's UPS ground shipping method was removed in favor of FedEx methods. Since the UPS ground method no longer exists on the store, during recurrence, the store will not be able to find the correct shipping method to rebuild the order and create it as new.
  • Renamed
    In this example, let's again say that the original order was created with UPS Ground as the shipping method for the initial order. However, in this case and after the initial order was placed, the caption of the shipping method was changed from "UPS Ground" to "UPS Ground Shipping." Since the caption of the order was changed, the store no longer has a way of matching the shipping method that was added to the original order and the recurrence fails.

To prevent this, it is very important to take special care when editing or removing your store's shipping methods to ensure your actions do not conflict with Recurring Orders that have been recorded into the system

Fortunately, if your recurring order fails with Error 103, you can correct the shipping metods in your store and then edit the recurring order's next recurrence date to have it update and run again.

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