How do I use the Advanced Options Price Configuration App?


The Advanced Options Price Configuration app is an optional app that can be requested for installation here. This particular app allows for merchants to have greater control of their product pricing if they are using Advanced Options. With it, they can specify prices for specific Advanced Option combinations and also set prices for different Price Levels.

Accessing the App

To utilize this app, you first need to have a product with options created. After doing so, you can access this app by following these steps:

  1. Go to Products > Product List
  2. Look for the product you wish to work with, and click on its name
  3. Click on the Options tab
  4. Look for the Actions button at the top right
  5. Select Advanced Options

And you will now be on the Advanced Options screen. The Advanced Options Price Configuration app allows for you to now modify the Price fields you see listed.

How do I use the App?

The app is all managed via the Advanced Options screen for individual products. It allows for you to modify the price field for specific combinations of options through this screen. This means that you can make it so specific combinations of product options (such as a Small and Red t-shirt) will always be one fixed price. It will dynamically update the pricing on the front end for your customers as well.

You can also set prices for advanced options for different Price Levels. To do this, from the Advanced Options screen, click on the + button to the right-hand side of the advanced option you wish to work with. This will expand and present you with more fields to modify. Here, you will find Price Level fields for the Advanced Option you are working with. This allows for you to specify prices on advanced options for particular price levels, giving you more control for pricing on a single product.

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