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The growth of eCommerce has made the internet into the world's largest marketplace. Billions of people across the globe go online, sometimes multiple times per day, to keep up with current events, post on social media, play games, and of course to shop! It's now easier than ever before for brands to extend their reach far beyond their local community and even nationwide and overseas. Since the internet brings everyone together, all your potential customers all over the world may as well be your neighbors.

Of course, eCommerce has some significant challenges, too. Just because half the world's population uses the internet doesn't mean every potential customer will happen to find your website. After all, there's a ton of competition, and a successful eCommerce marketing strategy is a necessity for getting the word out about your business and earning customers who keep coming back. After all, shoppers won't buy from you if they've never heard of you!

Marketing your eCommerce store is a challenge in itself, but it's worth it. Whether you want to market to your local area or to the entire world, powerful eCommerce tools and techniques exist that can get your message out to any size audience. But just like any endeavor, you need to know where to start and how to follow through — and this guide will help you with that.

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