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Running an online store has become much more complex and professionally oriented. You need to hire different types of people and purchase software tools to create and launch your eCommerce online store effectively in 2019. You also need to take care of numerous business processes that deal with the commercial and technical aspects of your online business.

The creation of a professional-grade online eCommerce website requires highly skilled software developers, testers, and web administrators. You can either hire those tech talents directly for your company, or you can outsource your work to a team of professionals.

According to the eMarketer forecast, online sales are expected to grow by over 15.1% in the USA in 2019. The main drivers of this huge growth include social media marketing, effective mobile app strategies, and the use of data-driven strategies and personalization in digital marketing. A huge portion of eCommerce traffic (62%) originated from mobile devices in 2018; this trend is expected to increase this year.

Let’s have a look at the importance of online stores, the top useful tips on how to launch an online store successfully, and the most important ways to increase online sales in 2019.

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