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How do I cancel my 3dcart service?

Cancelling your service with 3dcart is both easy and hassle-free and this article will show you how.  But before we get to those steps, perhaps there’s something specific that we can still help with? 

Please consider the following:

Can't find a feature you need?

We feel we've got a pretty full and feature rich platform to work with.  Although we've tried very hard to make sure all the bases are covered, there's always a chance that a specific feature you need isn't available on the software just yet.  If so, fear not!  We've got several options available to you in this area as well.

Check out our App Store where many of our additional plugins and 3rd party integrations are listed for use. 

Speaking of 3rd parties, did you know that 3dcart has the ability to use full API access?  This means that many software providers and even developers can write programming that connects their software to your store to give you options specific to your needs!  If you have need for an application that's not currently listed in our App Store, contact that app's manufacturer and let them know about our partner sign up form

Need a different kind of Plan?

3dcart offers lots of different pricing plans and options for small to medium eCommerce businesses.  However, perhaps you need something that's even MORE robust than our currently advertised oferrings.  If so, contact our Sales department and let them know.  They in turn will speak to our developers to see about creating a custom pricing plan tailored to meet your specific needs! 

Not getting any sales or traffic?

Our SEO experts can consult you on what might be missing.  Marketing and SEO processes are the cornerstone of successful online sales, so let our staff of SEO and marketing experts work on your store and get you the traffic you need!

  • Interested in this option?
    Contact our SEO team today!

Don't have the time or skills to knock out a great design?

We admit it; design can be a pretty daunting task.  While we have built-in options to try to make HTML and CSS design as easy and as user-friendly as possible, it can still be pretty overwhelming.  So if you're stuck on the design aspects, let our expert designers do it for you!  Contact your sales associate right away and they'll get you a price quote for design. (Trust us. Our design charges are pretty affordable!)

We also have a pretty extensive network of 3rd party design and development houses which are already familiar with the 3dcart system and can help you make your vision come alive!  Give these options a try and see!

Still need to cancel?

Well okay then.  We just wanted to make you aware of the above alternatives just in case we could still be of help.  Can’t fault us for tryin’!  We'd love it if you stayed with us, but we understand 3dcart might not be right for everyone. 

So if you'd like to cancel your account, please do the following:

  1. Log into your 3dcart Online Store Manager
  2. Go to the bottom of the left hand navigation menu and click on the $ Icon to get to your billing screens
  3. Under the services section you'll see your domain name and plan details. 
  4. Look towards the far right of the listing and click "cancel" to review the cancellation instructions.

That's it!

We'll definitely be sad to see you go, but just know we'll still be here if you ever need us again in the (hopefully near) future!

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